Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Insert Predictable Autumn Related Title Here!

Hello, remember me?

I am blaming my absence on being swept up in wedding fever, there was me thinking I could relax and just enjoy being engaged until at least after Christmas, but apparently if you want to get married in under a year you have to start sorting things NOW! But now that we have set our date, booked our venue and the registrar I am definitely slowing down on wedding things for a while!

Last week it was also my 24th birthday which I quietly celebrated with time off work, spending time with the Mr and my family, doing a little shopping, eating a lot of yummy food and blowing out candles on various cakes!

Whilst shopping in the massive Primark in Bristol I stocked up on a few bits for Autumn, you can't start the colder seasons without purchasing some new knitwear can you? Surely it is some kind of law?! 

Daisy wanted to get in on the outfit photo action, shiny blonde fur and cute puppy dog eyes - all models own!

Studded ankle boots - Crafted via Republic £25
Ponte skinny trousers - Primark £9
Thin knit jumper - Primark £6
Leather style jacket - Primark via Ebay £25

Stud and pearl necklace - Primark £5

Outfit total - £70

Yes I am a walking talking Primark advert as always!


  1. Love that necklace, and wow Daisy is getting big. Such a cutie though.

  2. I love that necklace, and Daisy of course! xo

  3. Really love the colour of that jumper and what a bargain at £6! Gotta love Primark.

    B x x



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