Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My Attempt At Glitzy Nails!

Evening Ladies!

I was planning to write up lots of posts tonight for posting during the week, but as BT seem to be giving us the most appalling internet service at the moment I am doubting that I will have the patience to wait for the photos to upload. The Mr is currently on the phone having rather stern words with them! How they think they can fob off an IT engineer with their crap excuses I do not know! We are paying for up to 20 meg but we are currently getting 0.3 meg! Very frustrating!!

Anyways, as the internet is so shocking, I had a little time on my hands last night to have a little play with my new nail decorating kit I picked up in Primark the other day for £4

I have been wanting some tiny jewels and little sequiny things for a while, so this seemed like a pretty cheap way to give them a try! I think I will be giving the fake nails and questionable nails stickers a miss though!

And this is what I came up with!

The base is ELF Desert Haze, I used the Konad M57 plate and Barry M Mushroom for the stripes and then popped on a few pink glitzy jewels on my ring finger nail.

Any Konad experts got any tips for how to do a topcoat without streaking the Konad stamping?!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My Designer Lust!

Ok, so I am by no means a designer girl!
But ever since first seeing these Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 adverts I have become more than a little obsessed!
I feel like I need to own every piece, even the ski wear!

As actually owning any of this is completely out of the question I am just going to have to try and get a few fairisle/sheer/knitted/tailored pieces in my wardrobe!

Images courtesy of http://www.millionlooks.com/outfits/dg-fall-winter-2010-2011-ad-campaign/

Friday, 26 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Dress & A Challenge!

Evening Ladies!
Firstly sorry sorry sorry! Sorry I have been a rubbish blogger recently, partly due to Blogger being incapable of uploading photos and largely due to stresses taking over life.
I am also sorry for the awful pictures! I took these a few weeks ago and never used them due to them not being great. But as the Mr has filled up the room I usually take up photos in with massive rolls of insulation stuff I need to either find a new photo spot, or a new storage space!
My sister got me this dress for my birthday, I am slightly obsessed with the print!

Yumi dress, present from my sister, Black vest, Primark £3, Cardigan, Primark £6

Outfit total £19

Cats, rabbits, stars and bows! Amazing!!

Now, to get back into the blogging swing I am setting myself a little challenge! On January 10th my blog will be celebrating its first birthday. I am challenging myself to have done a total of 200 posts(45 to go!) and hopefully to get up to 200 followers(43 to go!)! If my challenge goes to plan I will then be having a blog birthday/200 posts/200 followers giveaway!

So fingers crossed I make it!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Blogger Let Down!

I have been trying to upload pictures to a post for the past hour but Blogger is not playing ball!
Sorry for being a crap blogger, but hopefully I will have better luck uploading a post tomorrow!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Autumn Tones

Evening lovelies!
Little outfit post for you all today. I bought this dress at Next Clearance on my birthday shopping trip, love the autumn colours and the fab print. But then I kind of forgot I owned it until yesterday!
I wore this for a family meal at my Dad's. My step-sister moved to Egypt 3 months ago and has been back this week for her uni graduation. We had a little get together to celebrate her birthday, my birthday and an early Christmas! Was so nice to get everyone together as it doesn't happen very often and probably won't happen again until next summer!

Boots, birthday gift from the Mr, Leggings, H&M £7, Dress, Next Clearance £5, Cardigan, Primark £5

Outfit total £19

I think this is as close to a midi length dress I will be getting! Calf length just doesn't seem to suit me unfortunately! Once I get to grips with my sewing machine I think I will definitely have a go at making a dress similar to this!

The charm bracelet was a great find, it also has little dice and a cameo style charms too, plus a bargain price tag!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That!

Evening Ladies!
Sorry for the long gaps between blog posts, have had abit of bloggers block recently. Plus I seem to be so behind on everything! I have magazines from the last 3 months that I haven't read yet, over 1200 of your lovely blog posts to catch up on and a million episodes of Come Dine With Me & Kristie's Homemade Home on my Sky+ box to watch! And pretty much no idea how I got so behind! Probably working 10 hour days and getting very little sleep isn't helping!
So here is a little catch up kind of post!
Firstly the lovely Lizzy over at EABeauty has interviewed me for her blog, you can check it out here.
On Friday night I decided to treat myself to my first ever Lush bath. The Mr has just finished redoing our main bathroom, so I finally had the opportunity to have a relaxing bath after months of it being out of action!
It is pretty safe to say that I am now slightly obsessed with Lush bubble bars and have stuck a load of them on my Christmas wish list!

I was actually amazed by how orange the water went and how many bubbles there were! And I only used half of it!!

Plus the bathroom still smells amazing 4 days later!! Winner all around!

OK and a quick outfit post from today. I attended a kitchens and bathrooms exhibition and design seminar in Bristol(probably sounds quite dull to most people! But very interesting for me lol!). I attempted to look a little smart(I'm not very good at smart work wear!)

Excuse the tired face, I am still adjusting to getting up ridiculously early in the mornings!

Steve Madden booties, TK Maxx £35, Leggings, H&M £7, Black vest top, H&M 4, Sheer pleated dress, Primark £15, Cosmopolitan scarf, Present from the Mr

Outfit total £57

On the way home I stopped at the services and popped into Starbucks for a gingerbread latte(think I am abit gingerbread obsessed!) It was so yummy, definitely going to find an excuse to pop into town and get another sometime soon! Though the happiness was short lived, as soon as I got back on the motorway I was stuck in a massive tailback resulting in it taking over an hour to go half a mile!

So that's what I have been up to, not very eventful but there you go! I will try and be back on top blogging form soon I promise!

Thank you for bearing with me!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Goodies

Evening lovelies!
It is bloody miserable outside tonight! I have the day off tomorrow to go Christmas shopping with my sister, so fingers crossed for nicer weather!
I thought I would take the opportunity to show you the lovely goodies I received for my birthday a few weeks ago. You have already seen the fab boots the Mr got me in this post and I mentioned the Konad items I received in this post.

So here goes, in no particular order!
I am very excited to get sewing, though a little nervous too. I am hoping it will all come flooding back to me from my textile classes! Though maybe without the breaking of many sewing machine needles!

I have become slightly obsessed with Sophie Kinsella books!

My now holy grail concealer!! And cute bath set :)

GLEE! I have wanted a Gleek tshirt for ages so my sister made my day when she got me this one! She also got me a fab Miso ring and Miso earrings!
I hope you like this kind of post, I know I love having a little nose into fellow bloggers lives!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Shades Of Grey

Afternoon ladies!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, after a bonfire night filled with pizza, cider and wii games I am fully indulging in a lazy day today! Hopefully I can do the same tomorrow as my Google Reader is currently telling me I have over 1000 blog posts to catch up on!
Here is my outfit from yesterday, a nice combo of various shades of grey! Please excuse my shiny face, didn't have an opportunity to take a photo until after work and a manic vacuuming the house session!

Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Tights, Primark £1, Body con skirt, Next Clearance £5, Tshirt, Gap via charity shop £1, Chunky knit cardigan, Primark £7

When I saw this necklace I just had to have it! Jersey fabric loaded with sparkly beads and a bargain price, yes please!

Outfit total - £51

I picked up a couple of copies of Glamour magazine this week and got the 'Hampstead Heath' and 'Saville Row' Nails Inc polish freebies.

Have you got any of the Nails Inc freebies?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Halloween Make Up!

Evening lovelies!
Sorry for my lack of posting really, I have started doing more hours at work so when I get home I seem to be incapable of doing much beyond cooking dinner and having a shower! Hopefully I will get used to the longer hours and be back on full blogging form soon!
I thought today I would show you my Halloween make up, I decided to go as a cat/leopard thing! I kind of forgot about Halloween fancy dress until a few days before, so cue handmade ears and forgetting my tail!
Now I am by no means a beauty blogger, so please bare with my not so brilliant photos and poses!
Benefit Erase Paste, Shade 1 Fair
ELF Mineral Foundation, Light
ELF Mineral Booster
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher, Shy
Barry M Pencil Eyeliner, Nose & whiskers
ELF Duo Eyeshadow, Butter Pecan, lighter shade on lid, darker shade in outer corner and crease
Barry M eyeliner pencil, Black, for leopard spots
MUA Eyeshadow, Shade 12, for centre of spots
17 Wild Curl Mascara
Benefit Full Finish Lipstick, Flirt Alert

Barry M, Mushroom for base

ELF Nail Polish, Coral stamped with Konad M57 plate

Hope my first real beauty style post wasn't too bad!!

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