Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lady Bug Says ... A Mini Bit Of Pleather

After seeing the gorgeous Milly from Pearls & Poodles wearing this cute pleather skater skirt I knew I needed it in my wardrobe! I managed to get my hands on it when I went on my birthday shopping trip and spent many hours in the massive Primark in Bristol. It makes my local one seem so small and badly stocked!

I bought it a size bigger as a have a little fear of short short skirts that have the ability to fly up and flash my underwear! So now it sits nicely somewhere between my waist and hips :) I did have my trusty nude tights on, but then Daisy decided that jumping up at me and snagging my tights was a great idea! She is well behaved most of the time, but has cost me 4 pairs of tights so far this week!

This photo has just emphasised to me how much I need a haircut, I don't think it has ever been this long!

Black flatform heels - H&M £20
Pleather skirt - Primark £12
Knitted jumper - Primark £10
Rose gold collar necklace - H&M £8

Outfit total £50

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lady Bug Says ... As Smart As It Gets!

The dress code at my work is well, pretty much non existent! Being the only female I don't tend to dress too smart for work, I would kind of look out of place against the polo shirt clad males!

I tend to air on the side of smart casual most of the time, you can't generally go wrong with that! But every now and then it is nice to make a little bit more effort.

I was recently sent this boucle biker jacket from Very as a little thank you for working with them recently. I have a similar one from Primark and even being somewhat of a die hard Primark fan I can definitely see why this Very jacket costs a lot more! I t is definitely worth the money, it fits like a glove!

Unfortunately this photo is the best of a bad bunch! I seem to be rocking the 'pissed off' look in 99% of the photos!

Flatform heels - H&M £20
Pleather stripe trousers - Next £8
White Shirt - Next £28
Jacket - c/o Very

Outfit total - £56

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Insert Predictable Autumn Related Title Here!

Hello, remember me?

I am blaming my absence on being swept up in wedding fever, there was me thinking I could relax and just enjoy being engaged until at least after Christmas, but apparently if you want to get married in under a year you have to start sorting things NOW! But now that we have set our date, booked our venue and the registrar I am definitely slowing down on wedding things for a while!

Last week it was also my 24th birthday which I quietly celebrated with time off work, spending time with the Mr and my family, doing a little shopping, eating a lot of yummy food and blowing out candles on various cakes!

Whilst shopping in the massive Primark in Bristol I stocked up on a few bits for Autumn, you can't start the colder seasons without purchasing some new knitwear can you? Surely it is some kind of law?! 

Daisy wanted to get in on the outfit photo action, shiny blonde fur and cute puppy dog eyes - all models own!

Studded ankle boots - Crafted via Republic £25
Ponte skinny trousers - Primark £9
Thin knit jumper - Primark £6
Leather style jacket - Primark via Ebay £25

Stud and pearl necklace - Primark £5

Outfit total - £70

Yes I am a walking talking Primark advert as always!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lady Bug Says .. A Little Absense & A Big Smile!

It has been more than a little while since I last blogged, so I thought I would catch you all up on what has been happening in the whirlwind that has been the last few weeks!

Firstly my much awaited for order from the 50% off Models Own sale arrived!

Peach Sherbet, Thunder & Lightening, Indian Ocean, Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, Concrete Mixer, Utopia, Pinky Brown, Green Flash and White Nail Art Pen.

I couldn't resist a little bit of clinging on to the Summer nail art with some of the pretty pastel colours :)

If you follow me on Twitter I am sure you will probably already know my pretty exciting news, the Mr asked me to marry him after nearly 5 years of being together. I of course said yes and have already started planning our wedding for next year!

It was a complete surprise, to be honest I would have put more money on winning the lottery than being proposed to! But he had planned it perfectly and I have been walking around with the biggest smile on my face ever since, I can't wait to be a Mrs :)

The boy did good when it came to picking a good sparkler too!

I won't share too many details of how he actually popped the question but this photo he made made me smile so much!

The only dampener on our perfect weekend was our poor little pup getting stung by something and having an allergic reaction, resulting in a very expensive trip to the emergency vets on Sunday evening :( She was a million times better after the vet saw her though so it was well worth it!

We had a few engagement drinks with our friends this weekend, one of our friends gave us a bottle of homemade cider champagne, yum!

I promise the Mr isn't actually this short, he just had to squat down a little so I didn't end up spilling champagne all down myself!

All in all a good few weeks! I will try to not bore you all with wedding chatter promise!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Lady Bug Says ...Bristol Fashion Week AW12

Last Friday I attended the bloggers show at Bristol Fashion Week. It was a fab afternoon filled with cake, bubbly, catwalks and TGI Fridays :)

The show included some of the big trends for AW12 including metallics, gemstone colours, winter florals and heritage. 

I loved this cross detail maxi dress from Phase Eight paired with a big statement necklace.

The models red hair and victory rolls were beautiful!

Pretty tailored cocktail dresses :)

I wore:

Grey suede flatforms - H&M £20
Black body con skirt(worn under) - H&M £4
Black vest top(worn under) - H&M £5
Black knitted midi dress - H&M £7
Necklace - Accessorize 50p

Outfit total - £36.50

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... DKN Hair - Insight

Daniel Neaves and his talented team of stylists are hosting an evening full of hair, beauty and fashion to showcase their skills and the up and coming trends in the hair world!

The wanted to let the South West beauty blogging community know all about the event and I am more than willing to lend a hand spreading the word!

If you would like to attend the evening, please do purchase a ticket! After all, all proceeds from the event go to a very good cause :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... A Little Bit Of Very

I was recently contacted by the PR people at Very about taking part in a blogger Google+ hangout with Fearne Cotton, but unfortunately as I was working I was unable to take part but they have kindly sent me some information about the hangout and Fearne's new range.

You can see the video of Fearne chatting to some lovely bloggers here and view her new collection full of some pretty amazing dresses here.

Disclaimer - I have been compensated by Very for posting about the Fearne Cotton Google + Hangout, but I do genuinely love the collection, especially this dress!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Big Wheeling!

Evening :)

On Sunday I spent a lovely day with my Mum and Sister, filled with a farm shop breakfast, a spot of shopping, swimming in the wave pool, a trip on a big wheel and a yummy carvery dinner! A busy but fun day :)

The wheel was a little bit bigger than I anticipated, especially as I am not a big fan of heights, but I was fine as long as everyone kept pretty still! There were some pretty great views of Torbay to be seen too!

My sister with her pretty ombre hair, my beautiful Mum and me, all looking a little worse for wear as we had just been swimming!

Trusty grey flatforms! - H&M £20
Patterned jeans - H&M £20
Grey jumper - Next £12
Leather Jacket - Primark via Ebay £25
Necklace - Primark £5

Outfit total - £82

Yes, I am aware I live in this jumper and necklace combo, I am just getting my moneys worth!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Boux Avenue - Bristol Cabot Circus Opening

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the latest Boux Avenue store in Cabot Circus in Bristol earlier on this week, an invite I couldn't really turn down. It meant a lovely day off work, meeting some gorgeous blogging ladies and viewing more pretty underwear than I could possibly justify purchasing!

I loved the sleek boudoir feel of the store, especially the small tablet screens dotted around showing what the underwear looks like on a beautiful moving model. If only my own bum looked so good in a pair of pretty knickers!

I'm also completely sold on their way of displaying underwear, so much so that I can't imagine ever wanting to rifle through over stuffed rails of bras again! The beautiful counter top displays are accompanied by pull out drawers beneath, each neatly labelled with a different size. No having to look through what seems like hundreds of bras to only find they don't have your size anyway! With them stocking everything from a 30A to a 40H I'm pretty sure there will be something for everyone!

I was impressed by the range they stock, everything from simple basics and girly bralets to lacey numbers and super soft pyjamas. They have also branched into lovely scented products including candles, hand creams and yummy body butters.

The dressing rooms are pretty much how I need my house to look! Plush carpets, panelled walls, a variety of mood lighting and a discrete intercom concierge service, so no sticking your head out the door asking for a bigger size!

I also managed to get a picture taken with the main man himself, Mr Theo Paphitis and blogging lovelies Katie and Lily

On our way out we also received a lovely goody bag, I will show you the contents in my next post!

Thank you Boux AvenueFluorescent PR and the below ladies for a fab day!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... A Daisy Update

I recently asked if you would all like a puppy updated and some of you said yes, so I thought I would let you all know how she is doing!

She is now nearly 16 weeks old and has been home with use for nearly 8 weeks. During that time she has more than doubled in weight and increased even more in overall size! She has learnt so much and is now completely toilet trained and knows a wide variety of commands including sit, stay, lie down, paw, roll over, come and leave it. She has also just about mastered going up and down the stairs. It has actually surprised me how quickly she has learnt things! She can now go out for walks and has discovered a love of the beach, especially swimming in the sea and digging in the sand, she isn't so fond of having to have a bath afterwards though! She also loves playing with ice cubes, eating cold carrots and sleeping on the sofa.

So on with the cute photos, I can't believe how much she has grown!

At 9 weeks old, chewing leaves and barely able to get up onto the decking!

11 weeks old and not quite getting how to play with the Frisbee!

12 weeks old and enjoying sleeping in the kitchen whilst I am cooking dinner!

14 weeks old and loving her new toy!

15 weeks old and nearly too big for her favourite corner!

15 weeks and claiming her favourite spot on the sofa!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Evening :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and made the most of the sunshine if you got any! I spent mine relaxing on the beach with friends, having an evening BBQ then camping over in our camper van literally 25 meters from the sea. It was also Daisy's first time at a sandy beach :) I will do a little puppy update soon if anyone is interested? 
Today has inevitably resulted in us being very tired so lots of lounging on the sofa eating bacon sandwiches,  watching YouTube and cuddling up with the dog.

I thought I would share with you all an outfit that I wore last weekend for a meal out with the Mr's family. As the posts title suggests this outfit is made up of pretty much all my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment.

As soon as I saw this jacket in the Primark AW12 preview I knew I wanted it, I wanted it so much that I actually sent an email to my sister and a few friends saying that if they saw the jacket in store to please please please buy it for me! The pleather detail trousers were actually a suprising summer sale find in Next along with the marl jumper, to me they seem pretty perfect for the upcoming season! The necklace was a holiday purchase that I am pretty pleased with, can't say I have seen anyone else wearing it and don't think I will! It brings a little originality to my otherwise very high street outfit. A favourite things outfit wouldn't be complete without these flatforms, so worn to death I recently bought a back up pair, though I was a little disappointed that the new pair have squared off toes rather than round, but still as comfortable as the originals!

Flatform heels, H&M £20
Pleather stripe trousers, Next £8
Grey marl jumper, Next £12
Pleather sleeved parka, Primark £25

Necklace, French jewellery boutique £20

Knuckle rings, Kukee £1.50 each
Nails, Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' with LOOK Beauty 'Sequin Effect' top coat

Outfit total - £88

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Not Quite Sure

I said in this post that I loved this top, but wasn't sure of how else to wear it, but I think I may have found another way!
I'm liking the top half of this outfit, but not so convinced about the bottom! Thinking the skirt makes me a look a little bit too bottom heavy and the sandals are kind of not doing a lot for my cankles! My ankles have been really sore and swollen since I started running, think I need to invest in some better trainers!

Flatform sandals, New Look £12
Pleated midi skirt, Next £12
Printed shirt, Dorothy Perkins £12

Necklace, Primark £5

Knuckle ring, Kukee £1.50
Triangle ring, Kukee £2
Nails, Barry M Peach Melba

Outfit total £44.50

Apologies for the short post, words seem to be failing me!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Fading Away

Another sunny weekend outfit, I am really hoping that there are a few more of these before Autumn arrives!

I am pretty much all aboard the trend wagon with this outfit, but I like it :)
Cuff style necklace - check
Ombre jumper - check
Utility trend shorts - check
Flatform sandals - oh yes, check!

The unhappy squinty face is all off trend and completely my own, the downside of the very bright sun!

Gold necklace, New Look £3
Ombre jumper, Primark £8
Khaki shorts, Primark £7
Flatform sandals, New Look £12

Outfit total £30

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Does My Bum Look Big In This?!

Infographic Produced by
Test 2.5

I am sure every woman, at one point in her life has asked or at the very least thought, 'does my bum look big in this?'! I know I personally have on many an occasion, and know the answer is usually yes (my Mum says I have child bearing hips and a bum to match!). My waist and hips are a little out of proportion, but certainly not verging on Kardashian standards! 

I can't say I have ever asked the Mr the question though, as his answer would be 'of course not' regardless of what I was wearing. I don't think this is out of fear of what my response would be, he knows that I quite like my pear shape, but more because he isn't really bothered if my bum looks big or not!

Very have been collecting some information and have come up with the below infographic based on the question. I do love a good infographic, it pleases the geeky designer in me!

Whether you are a more casual girl or love a good going out dress, Very have it in every bum flattering shape and size!

Sponsored post in association with Very

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Not So Mellow Yellow!

If you had asked me a few years ago if yellow featured a lot in my wardrobe, I would of answered with a big resounding no! For years I was convinced that my slightly yellow/olive toned skin would not be complemented by anything vaguely yellow! But in the last year or so I seem to have had a major change of heart, now favouring the brightest of yellows!

I saw this bright beauty in my favoured sale section of Primark and thought it was really about time I owned a yellow chiffon midi dress. Seeing as I have worn it about 4 times since buying it a few weeks ago I made the right choice!

This neon pink necklace was also snapped up from the sale, I am sure you all know by now that I do love a good statement necklace. I have bought another pair of these flatform shoes, these are on the verge of being ruined, thanks to me wearing them nearly every day to work. They are the most comfortable heels in the world!

Black flatform shoes, H&M £20
Chiffon midi dress & gold belt, Primark £5
Black blazer, Primark £12
Neon pink necklace, Primark £2

Outfit total £39

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Working It Out

Evening :)

This is pretty much a more work appropriate version of this weekend outfit, I don't think the short shorts would have gone down well at work! This jumper is already earning its place a new favourite 'go to' item in my wardrobe!

Grey suede flatform shoes, H&M £20
Black skinny jeans, Primark £8
Metallic marl jumper, Next £12
Necklace, Primark £5

I picked up this necklace a few weeks ago in Primark, the jewellery section seems to be going from strength the strength in the last few years! I love a good statement necklace for adding some interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

My nails are painted in my current favourite polish, Barry M NP140, which dries with an interesting semi matte finish. I finished the tips off with 2 coats of LOOK Beauty's sequin effect polish.

Do you have 'go to' items in your wardrobe? 
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