Friday, 29 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Drop Waist Beauty!

Evening Ladies!
I have abit of a migraine tonight so just a quick post before I attempt to get an early night.
I'm pretty pleased with my outfit today, not so impressed with the fact that I got up so late this morning that I forgot to put any jewellery on and only had time to take one photo!
This dress is one of my buys from Clarks Village last weekend, I have been wanting a sheer dress/top for a while. I was a little hesitant of the drop waist, I was expecting it to be pretty unflattering on my child bearing hips(thanks Mum for that gene!) But after trying it on(in the middle of the shop, thank you Next Clearance for providing NO changing rooms!) I was sold. Especially with the reduced from £30 to £15 price tag! The boys at work said I looked like I was wearing a nightdress, but what do a bunch of middle aged joiners know!

Tights, Primark £1, Black Vest Top, H&M £4, Sheer Dress, Next Clearance £15

I was pretty impressed when the Mr got me these boots for my birthday! I had a pretty big grin on my face when I unwrapped them!

Outfit total - £20

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My 1st Konad Attempt!

Evening lovelies!
Just a quick post tonight whilst dinner is cooking! I have jumped on the Konad bandwagon, I received a starter kit with the M3 plate and also the much loved M57 plate :)
This is my first attempt, which considering how crap my hand eye co-ordination is hasn't gone too bad!

I used Rimmel Wear Maxx in 397 Electric as the base and the white Konad stamping polish. It smudged a little putting the topcoat on but apart from that it went quite well!

I am going to a Halloween party dressed as a cat so all being well I will be trying the leopard stamp at the weekend!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Outfit!

Evening Ladies!
Sorry for my absence in the last week or so, I had a stressful 'stop the world I want to get off!' kind of week. But the past few days have been alot more relaxed, spending time with my family to celebrate my 22nd birthday(which was yesterday).
On Saturday I went up to Clarks Village(I love this place!) with my Mum and Sister for a little shopping trip, but I will do a post on that in the next few days hopefully!
Yesterday the Mr treated me like a princess for the day, breakfast pancakes in bed and a trip to the zoo, what more could a girl want! I love the zoo, probably a little too much, especially the elephants!
So, this is what I wore, it was bloody cold yesterday! Sorry for the blurry photo, the Mr took the picture!

Boots, New Look £35, Leggings H&M £7, White knitted dress, TK Maxx £5, Leather jacket, Primark £25

Outfit total £79
This bag was one of my Clarks Village buys; suede, camel, tassels and studs, it would have been rude not to take it home!
Oh and I went back to being brunette again, I did attempt to leave the ends of my hair lighter but it doesn't seem to have worked(I do have a few random blonde patches though :S)
I will leave you with a few zoo photos!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Weekend Vintage Finds

Afternoon Lovelies!
Two posts from me today! That has to be some kind of miracle!
Yesterday I went to the little village near my house to go and have a rummage around the charity shops and the Saturday market. I only got one thing for myself(a vintage shift dress pattern) I could of bought so much more, but when charity shops want £20 for a bag or £30 for a Monsoon dress it's just not going to happen! The few other items I got are reluctantly being sold on Ebay.
So if you fancy any of the items below just click on the images to go to the Ebay page.
Vintage Richard Shops evening dress. I am gutted that I don't have the occasion to wear this dress too! The cape style sleeves are amazing!

Vintage satchel bag! Love this, but also need money for Christmas so it has to go!

Vintage Christian Dior Knee High Sheer Stockings/Socks

Lady Bug Says ... 1st Blog Sale - Denim!

Afternoon Ladies!
Today I am attempting my first blog sale, if this goes well there will be many more, I have a lot of clothes to get rid of!!
OK, first of all let's get the boring but essential stuff out of the way!
- If you like something you see please just leave a comment under the post and state the item and your Paypal email address.
- I will invoice you asap and will require payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.
- I only accept payment through Paypal.
- All items will be appropriately packaged and posted out 1st class with proof of postage.
- The postage cost will be listed under each item.
- If you buy multiple items the postage will be reduced, this will show up on your invoice.
- I will try and get the items out within a day or so of receiving payment.
- Unfortunately I will not be offering refunds, any wear/damage on these items will be listed under the item.
- All items being sold have been purchased by myself.
Well let's get started!

Item 1
Seven7 Distressed Jeans, 26" Waist

Small amount of wear at hem.

£7 + £2.50 Postage & Packaging

Item 2

Primark Skinny Jeans, Size 8, 32" Leg

No wear to hem
£1 + £2.50 Postage & Packaging

Item 3

Love Denim Jeans, Size 8

Small amount of wear to hem

£3.50 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 4

Cink Me Jeans, 27" waist

Minimal wear to hem.

£4.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 5

R&B Jeans, Size 10

Small amount of wear to hem
£4.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 6

R&B Wide Legged Jeans, Size 10

Minimal wear to hem. Broken fly zip

£3.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 7

NEW! H&M SQIN Jeans, 27" Waist

Stitching detail on knees. No wear to hem.

£7.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 8

Indian Rose 'Alissa' Jeans, 26" Waist

Very minimal wear to hem.

£5.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 9

Little Big Jeans, 26" Waist, 34" Leg

Wear to hem.

£3.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 10

Dickies Boyfriend Fit Jeans, 26" Waist

Very minimal wear to hem.

£5.00 + £3.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 11

R&B Skirt, Size 8

£2.00 + £2.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 12

Primark Skirt, Size 8

£1.00 + £2.00 Postage & Packaging

Item 13

Primark Shorts, Size 8

£1.00 + £2.00 Postage & Packaging

Happy Buying!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Post It On!

Afternoon Ladies! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Mine has consisted of wardrobe sorting a vintage shopping(but more of that tomorrow!)
A little while ago I was contacted by Clothing at Tesco about taking part in 'Post It On' to celebrate their A/W10 collection release. I was given the opportunity to pick an item from the collection and also pick a fellow blogger to receive an item! Well of course I wanted to spread the A/W happiness!
I chose the F&F Faux feather fur cropped jacket and am so glad I did seeing as the weather has got so much colder recently!
I took it on it's first outing to the shops today, here is what I wore

Jeans, Primark £8, Tshirt, Gap via charity shop £1, Necklace, vintage via Ebay £15, Fur Coat, Courtesy of Clothing at Tesco
Outfit total £36
Tonight I am off out for a family birthday meal(so hoping to be back in time for X Factor!) I am planning on wearing the coat again, I think I may be in love!

Tights, Primark £1, Body con skirt, H&M £3, Lace dress worn as top, Rare via blog giveaway win, Necklace, Matalan £3, Fur Coat, Courtesy of Clothing at Tesco

Outfit total - £20

After lusting over khaki nail varnish for a while I was surprised when I found a bottle lurking in an unpacked box(I moved into my house nearly a year ago and still haven't fully unpacked :S). I also seem to of become completely obsessed with matte nails!

I have never owned a fur coat before, and really love how it can be dressed up and down and layered for a cozy winter look!

The lovely blogger I am choosing to 'Post It On' to is Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream. Looking forward to seeing what you pick Laura!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Polka Dot Playsuit

Evening Lovelies!
Anyone else really feel like Autumn has hit today? The sun was misleadingly bright this morning, but it was bloody cold once I stepped out of the house! Probably not the best of days to be wearing a playsuit and sheer tights!
I decided to brave wearing bright red lipstick, and it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be! I was convinced it would stand out(in a very bad way) against my pale skin, but it didn't look to bad!
Today was also the first outing of a pair of vintage grey tights I picked up in the charity shop a few weeks ago, but I really didn't realise quite how sheer they would be! I must learn to read packets! My legs ended up looking just very cold!
So here was my inappropriate cold day outfit!

Steve Madden Boots, TK Maxx £35(am so getting my monies worth out of these! Need to get some suede protector so I can wear them through the winter!) Playsuit, Tesco £8, Vintage Grey Sheer Tights, Charity Shop £0.50, Ring, Primark £2

Outfit Total - £47.50

I decided to match the red lippie with some lovely bright nails! I just wish the matte tips were abit more visible!

Are you a red lippie fan?

Monday, 11 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Hair Mare!(Oh And An Outfit Post!)

Evening Ladies!
This is going to be a quick post, my laptop/internet is being completely crap tonight, so unbelievably slow. It has taken nearly an hour just to simply edit 3 pictures on Picnic and if I stay on this stupid computer much longer I am going to end up throwing it across the room(and the Mr shouts at me when I do that!)
Anyways, my hair is being a complete state at the moment, its at that horrible growing out/needing a cut/being awful stage! I have bought some hair dye in Golden Brown and am going to attempt to dye/ombre my hair but kind of the wrong way round(i.e. dyeing the top 3/4 of my hair and leaving the bottom 1/4 as it is!)
So my outfit of today was

Steve Madden shoe boots, TK Maxx £35, Jeans, Primark £8, Leopard print oversized tshirt, H&M £7, Chunky cardigan, Primark £7

Outfit total - £59

I recently won a giveaway over at May Loves Makeup and one of the prizes was the Barry M Limited Edition nail varnish in a beautiful purple/pink colour! I used ELF Matte Topcoat and love the colour! Anyone know why my matte topcoat goes rubbish and bumpy on the 1st nail but fine afterwards?!

Whilst editing my pictures I noticed that my nails go very nicely with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon colour, and of course its an important issue to make people aware of!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Hint Of Pink!

Evening ladies!
Sorry for my minimal blogging recently. Crazy work schedules and general tiredness have got in the way. But I promise I will try harder!
I am planning on having a massive wardrobe clear out, I have got it into my mind that I can be ruthless and have a real good sort out! Hopefully it will go better than it usually does, I usually have the best intentions then have a small pile of maybe 5 things that I am prepared to part with. Despite half of my wardrobe being unworn/unloved/what was I thinking purchases!
So be prepared for a blog sale/shop soon! Hopefully with more than a few items!
Today's outfit was planned without checking the weather forecast, wearing suede open toed shoes when heavy rain decides to make an appearance was probably not the best of ideas!
I like the flashes of pink in an otherwise very plain outfit!

Shoes, Primark, a gift from my sister, Jeans, Matalan £10, Tshirt, Gap via charity shop £1, Blazer, Primark £1

Outfit total - £12

I received this lovely necklace yesterday, I love getting packages, its like a mini Christmas!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Short Shorts!

Evening ladies.
Hope you all had a fab weekend, mine involved lots of lounge wear clothing, drinking strawberry and lime cider(best thing ever, tastes like fizzy strawberry ribena!) and eating alot of chocolate. Probably not the most productive of weekends! I did intend to have a ruthless sort through my wardrobe, but having realised its not going to be the simple job I first thought it would be.
In other news, I think these shorts may have shrunk a little, definitely can't wear these with bare legs anymore!

Red long sleeved top, Primark via my Sister who has actually cleared out her wardrobe, unlike me! Shorts, Tesco £6, Tights, Primark £1, Shoe boots, Steve Madden via TK Maxx £35

Outfit total £47

Are you ruthless when having a wardrobe clear out, or are you like me and hold on the things that you believe you may possibly wear one day!?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... And The Winner Is!

Just a quick post today to announce the winners of my 100 followers giveaway!
Thank you to everyone that has entered. I really value every single one of you who takes the time to read and comment on my blog!
Ok, so the winners are ...
Prize 1

Char from T*Rexes and Tiaras

Prize 2

Jemma from Bamboozle Beauty Blog

Congratulations to you both!

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