Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Few Outfits

Evening Ladies!
2 days of sunshine, I almost can't believe it!! (Sorry I know I talk about the weather alot, but I'm British, it's what we do!)

Anyways! Here are some outfits for you!

Leggings, H&M £7, Dress, Electro Honey via CULT £8

Outfit total £22

Tights, Primark £1, Shorts, Primark £7, Shirt dress, Matalan £10

Outfit total £70

I think by Christmas I will be able to do a 'Lady Bug Says ... 101 Ways With A Pair Of Khaki Shorts!' post!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Lavender Girl

Afternoon ladies!
Hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend! It has just started raining here so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a blog post!
Yesterday(when it was actually quite sunny!) I cycled to the village near my house, it was their carnival weekend so there were lots of stalls set up along the street and second hand bargains to be had! Trying to cycle home with my bag off goodies wasn't so easy!
I managed to pick up a copy of Sophie Kinsella's 'Can You Keep A Secret?' which was recently recommended by the lovely Audrey Allure for the princely sum of £1 :)
Here is an outfit from Thursday last week.

Top, Max C, Won in giveaway at We Shop Therefore We Are, Cropped Jeans, Next Clearance £4

Outfit total £6!(a record for me maybe?!)
I have never owned a lavender item for clothing so when I was given a choice of receiving this top in either nude or lavender I thought it was a good opportunity to expand my purple horizon!
Are the any colours that you have steered clear of in the past?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Outfit From A Day In August When The Sun Actually Shined!

Evening Ladies!

Hope some of you have seen sunshine today, it's been chucking it down here! So much for it being August!!

Just a quick outfit post from last week when it actually felt like summer for a little bit!

Studded gladiator sandals, Next Clearance £6, Striped maxi dress, Primark £11, White vest, H&M £3
Outfit total £22
I keep hoping that I will win the lottery so I can escape to the sunshine, wishful thinking lol!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Milestone And Some Outfits!

Evening lovelies!
It is an exciting day for me and my little blog, I have reached 100 followers :) I want to say a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog! I will be doing a giveaway in a few weeks, I have been collecting bits and pieces for a while, but want to get a few more special things before I tell you all about it!
Any way, I have been abit of a slacker the past few days, on Friday I had a consultation for laser eye surgery, which resulted in scaring me a little(the price/the description of the surgery/the drops that made my pupils massive and not be able to see properly!) but I still really want to be able to see!!
So here is my outfit from Friday

Jeans, Matalan £10, Tshirt, H&M £4, Blazer, Primark £1

Outfit total £29
My weekend was spent basically trying to keep my house super tidy as we have been showing rooms to prospective lodgers. Fingers crossed the ones we like want our rooms!!
And here is an outfit from today!
Leggings, H&M £7, Tshirt, Primark £3

Outfit total £15

Have any of you had laser eye surgery or have considered it? Did you all have a fun weekend?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... The Reward For Eating Lots Of Chocolate!

Hello girlies!
Well, I am sure you all know about the Benefit Flake competition by now! Well I have been eating a fair bit of chocolate recently! So £15 and a lot of chocolate later I have now got all 6 of the Benefit prizes!

My favourites have to be Do Tell and Fresh Squeezed!

The lip glosses smell yummy, which I think is very important!

All in all, well worth eating all that chocolate!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... An Outfit From A While Ago!

Evening ladies!
I found this outfit that I hadn't posted lurking in my blog picture folder, so I thought I would do a quick post for you all!
Shoes, Primark(gift from my sister), Jeans, Primark £8, Nude draped tshirt, Primark £4, Blazer, Primark £1

Outfit total £18

Monday, 16 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Getting Some Practice!

Evening ladies!

Well the countdown is on for my Pedal It Pink ride in September, so the Mr and I went for a 6 mile practice ride, with a convenient pub stop in the middle (I'm easing myself into it!)

If you want to find out more about the Pedal It Pink events please check out the Breast Cancer Campaign website and if you would like to sponsor me you can click the link to the right of this post!

Whilst at the pub for our little refreshment break (I was very disappointed that they have stopped doing fruit cider!) I decided to take some arty shots. I have always liked photography, and long to be more than a 'point and click' girl! I am hoping that I might be blessed with a half decent camera for my birthday/Christmas!

And a cheesy snap shot to finish!

P.S I am having lots of fun editing pictures with Picnik, so sorry for the random pictures, I will settle down abit when I find a style I really like, promise!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Bit Obsessed!

OK, I will admit it, I have become slightly obsessed with these shorts. Whenever I can't think of what to wear I seem to grab them!
I have worn them twice this week!

Ankle boots, Primark £10, Tights, Primark £1, Shorts, Primark £7, Tshirt, H&M £4, Cardigan, Primark £10, Necklace, Matalan £3

Outfit total - £35

I love the simplicity of this necklace!

Gladiator heels, Tesco £5, Shorts, Primark £7, Oversized leopard tshirt, H&M £7, Draped cardigan, Primark £6, Necklace, Matalan £3, Ring, Primark £2

Outfit total - £30

I felt abit like Safari Barbie in this outfit! And thanks to the weatherman and his crap weather predictions I got some very odd looks walking to the bank with my legs out whilst it was raining and pretty damn cold!

Bargain ring :)

I picked up this necklace in the Matalan sale, love all the little charm elements.

Recently I have seen Leanne at Do Not Refreeze do some fab sponged gradient nails!

So here is my attempt, not bad for a first try!

I used ELF 'Desert Haze' as a base, ELF 'Coral' for the sponged tips & ELF 'Clear' for the top coat.

Think I will try using 3 colours next time!

Lady Bug Says ... Quick Reminder!

Just a quick reminder of the Charity Blog Sale happening over at May Loves Makeup starting tonight at 7pm!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Giftgirls Ambassador!

Afternoon Lovelies!

I received a lovely email from Carlinn at http://www.giftgirls.co.za/ letting me know that I have been picked to be a Giftgirls Ambassador!
Which is good news for all of you! If you use the code GG1258 when checking out you will receive 5% off your order and a free gift :)
Giftgirls stock a great selection of girly, pretty pieces, these are a few of my favourites!

Lovely Little Owls Necklace - £5

Little Rose Ring - £6

Time Flies Locket Necklace - £13

Candy Floss Earrings - £8

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Toga?

Evening Ladies!
Just a quick post this evening. The lovely Leia asked that I do some more detailed photos to go with my outfit posts, so I am going to make more of an effort to take better pictures!
I got this white New Look tunic dress in a charity shop at the weekend, but I can't decide if it looks a little bit to much like a toga?!

Gladiator sandals, Next £6, Leggings, H&M £7, Tunic dress, New Look via charity shop £3, Belt, Primark £3, Ring, Primark £3

Outfit total - £22

Nail polish is ELF 'Desert Haze'

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Sunday Catch Up

Afternoon ladies!

Hope you have all had a great weekend, I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D yesterday. It was the first film I have seen in 3D and I can't say I was that impressed! I guess films with loads of special effects are probably alot better in 3D than this was(well I would hope they would be!!)

Today the Mr and I went on a practice ride in preparation for Pedal It Pink. Only did a few miles, but am hoping to build it up to the full half marathon in the next few weeks!

So today I have decided to spoil you with not 1, not 2, but 3 OOTD!

Gladiator sandals, Next Clearance £6, Leggings, H&M £7, Leopard tshirt, H&M £7, Cardigan, Primark £6, Belt, Primark £1, Necklace, H&M £3
Outfit total - £30

Red heels, Primark £12, Cropped Jeans, Next Clearance £4, Tshirt, freebie from my Sister, Cropped blazer, H&M £5, Bracelet, ASOS £3

Outfit total - £24

Gladiator heels, Tesco £5, Tights, Primark £1, Skirt, River Island Via Charity Shop £2, Tshirt, Primark £2, Scarf, Charity Shop £1, Necklace, Primark £1

Outfit total - £12

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