Friday, 28 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Little Miss Turn-ups

72 followers! Wow :) Big thank you to you all for taking the time to read what I ramble on about!! I have been collecting some items for a giveaway which I think I will do when I get to 100 followers, hopefully that won't be too long!
Well, as you may have noticed I am rather liking flashing my ankles in turned up skinny jeans at the moment! Think it makes an outfit slightly more summery by flashing a little skin!
Yesterday my sister and I went up to Cardiff to see my step-sister at uni. We indulged in a little shopping and a lot of Nandos! Here is what I wore ...
Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Jeans, Primark £8, Grey tshirt, H&M £4, Studded and striped cardigan, TK Maxx £17, Scarf, Charity shop 50p
Outfit Total - £63.50
My lovely sister took pity on me being poor and feeling sorry for myself and bought me these beautiful shoes :)
I think I may of over eaten a little at Nandos as I spent most of the night awake feeling rather ill! So after 2 hours sleep today's outfit was a variation on yesterdays!

Shoes, Primark £18(but free for me :)!), Skinny jeans, Primark £8, Tshirt, H&M £4, Blazer, Primark £13, Necklace, Primark £3, Bag, Primark £9, Scarf, Charity shop 50p
Outfit total - £37.50

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Simply Does It.

Now then, I have a confession. I know I said I was on a shopping ban, but I kind of strayed. In my defence I have been looking for the perfect pair of nude heels for as long as I can remember. So when I stumbled across these beauties, with the perfect size heel, patent nude colour and only £10 I just had to buy them. Plus cute bows, who could refuse!

Today I fancied a super simple outfit. I am loving ankle flashing jeans at the moment, turn ups are the way forward!

Nude heels, Primark £10, Black jeans, Matalan £10, Tshirt, Hand me down from my sister

Outfit total - £20

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Sunshine Outfits :)

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and have been making the most of the sun!
I had a lovely weekend, we held our first BBQ our new house on Saturday which went well. For once I didn't over cater! We had lots of fun attempting to play badminton.
On Sunday I only moved from the sun lounger in the garden to get food and ice lollies!
Saturdays outfit - Flip flops, New Look £5, Cropped leggings, Peacocks, £5, Pink vest, Primark £3, Floral top, Primark £4, Necklace, Primark £2
Outfit total - £19

Sundays cover up outfit - Maxi, H&M £8, Hat, found amongst our fancy dress things, Sunglasses, stolen from my sister
Outfit total - £8

Mondays outfit - Shoes, Tesco £5, Shorts, Tesco £6, Grey tshirt, Matalan £5, Necklace, gift

Outfit total - £16

What have you been up to this sunny weekend?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Outfits From This Week

Good evening lovely people.
I'm feeling less bruised after my little fall which is good!
The weather at the moment is very much confusing my fashion senses! One minute its warm but overcast, the next its raining, then its freezing! Sort it out Mr Weatherman!

Ankle boots, Primark £10, Skinny jeans, Matalan £8, Top, Primark £5, Cardigan, Primark £6, Necklace, gift
Outfit total - £29

Pink peep toe pumps, Faith £8, Black jeans, Matalan £10, Draped tshirt, Primark £4, Blazer, Primark £13, Necklace, Matalan, £3, Earring, Primark £2

Outfit total - £40

Well I am off to catch up on 90210 and eat a lot of raspberry ripple ice cream!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Favourite Dress Of The Moment!

I think this dress is fast becoming my favourite dress of the moment. Don't think a week has gone by since I bought it that I haven't worn it!
Oh and sorry, its another completely Primark outfit!

Gladiator sandals, Primark £4, Floral dress, Primark £5, Plaited belt, Primark £2, Necklace, Primark £3

Outfit total - £14

Is there any item of clothing you find yourself wearing loads recently?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Just A Few Outfits

Hello lovely readers!(Can't believe I have 65 followers now!!)
I am feeling a little sorry for myself today, I slipped getting out of the shower last night so am now covered in bruises and all achy :(
So here are a few outfits from the past few days.

Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Ripped jeans, Primark £8, Floral top, Primark £4, Drapped cardigan, Sainsburys £6, Necklace, Primark £3
Outfit total - £56

Ankle boots, Primark £10, Jeans, Matalan £8, Tshirt, hand me down from my sister, Draped blazer, Primark £10
Outfit total - £28

Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Leggings, H&M £7, Red top, hand me down from my sister, Navy waistcoat, Dahlia via Clothes Show £5, McQueen style scarf, hand me down from my sister

Outfit total - £47

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Feeling A Little Parisian

With all the Paris inspired clothing around at the moment I thought I needed to try this trend out.
There is something about Parisian style that I love, the effortlessness. Simple basics seem to be transformed into amazing outfits!
So here is my attempt!

Pumps, Matalan £7, Jeans, Matalan £10, Grey tshirt, H&M £4, Studded cardigan, Tesco £7, Necklace, Matalan £3

Outfit total - £31

I need to find a new place in my house to take outfit photos! I can't keep doing the leg up/hand on hip pose! Oh and I need to learn how to pose lol!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Mixed Prints

Anyone else love a bit of Frock Me on a Sunday?
This week they were focusing on mixing prints so I thought I would try and give it a go.

Ankle boots, Primark £12, Floral shorts, Tesco £6, Plaited belt, Primark £2, Striped tshirt, Primark £3, Necklace, Primark £3

Outfit total - £26

Love this clip of Alexa Chung and Henry Holland, they seem so relaxed!

Frock Me with TK Maxx is on Sundays on Channel 4. For more information check out

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Emma Pillsbury, Style Inspiration

I am a massive Gleek! My favourite character has to be Emma Pillsbury, I love everything from her crazy OCDness to her matchy matchy style!

So here is my Emma inspired look!

Heeled brogues, Primark £10, Heart print tights, Tesco £3, Jersey skirt, H&M £3, Floral belt, Primark £2.50, Pink shirt, Primark £6

Outfit total - £24.50

To get the Emma matchyness I decided to focus on the pink in the shirt, picking up the pink flowers in the belt and the pink nails!

This has to be one of my favourite nail varnishes at the moment, Barbie pink in some lights and shimmery gold in others, whats not to like!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Top 10 TK Maxx Tips!

I have had a few people asking me how I manage to find decent things in TK Maxx, so I thought I would produce a list of my top 10 tips!
- Do a dedicated TK Maxx trip. You have a greater chance of finding things if you are not rushing to get to the rest of the shops!
- Look through all the rails, things often get put back in the wrong places! Fab pair of jeans amongst prom dresses, who would of thought!
- Do not limit yourself to looking only within your size range. With items coming from hundreds of stockists it means a generous size 6 could actually be a 10-12(I kid you not!) or a stingy size 14 could be a perfect size 10!
- Shoes and bags are one of the main areas you can really make a saving on designer products.
- Check out their beauty/toiletry products, Tigi hair care 1/2 price, St Moriz fake tan(essentially the same as St Tropez!) at £4.99, Nails Inc sets at amazing prices!
- If in doubt, buy! It may go against the grain but the chances are they only have 1 or 2 of the item in your size so it probably won't still be there when you come back next weekend! With a 14 day return policy you can always return it if you change your mind!
- Always remember to check for missing belts on dress/laces on shoes/faulty zips,things you could replace/repair yourself. If it doesn't state on the label that the item has been reduced due to said missing belt/faulty zip etc there could be further discount available!
- TK Maxx now have a website, so you can get your bargain fix from the comfort of your sofa!
- Don't forgot the home section! It is a treasure trove of designer kitchenware, amazing garden sculptures, books, storage trunks and so much more!
- You need 2 things in TK Maxx, time and patience!

TK Maxx have not asked me to provide these tips, I am just responding to questions I have been asked :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Monochrome Shades

Just a quick post tonight. Horrible weather = Outfit in varying monochrome shades + bad photo!

Ankle boots, Primark £10, Grey ribbed tights, Primark £2, Jersey skirt, H&M £3, Grey top, Primark £3, Striped & studded cardigan, TK Maxx £17, Necklace, Elsie Belle blog giveaway win

Outfit total - £35

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Little White Rabbits

The fashion world has gone Alice mad recently, I'm loving it!
So when I spotted this fabulous print in TK Maxx the other day and immediately knew I NEEDED a rabbit print dress in my life! My Mum took great pleasure in laughing at me as I tried to justify to myself and everyone else why I MUST have it!

Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Grey pinstripe tights, H&M £2, Rabbit print dress, TK Maxx £15

Outfit total - £52

Have you gone Alice mad?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My Favourite Fluff Ball :)

Evening my lovelies. Hope you all had a good weekend, even if the weather wasn't up to much!

As usual, I have lost my camera lead so am doing a post with some photos I already have on my computer. So today I thought I would introduce you to my cat, Missy.

She is around 6 years old(though not much bigger than a kitten) and it a tabby moggy.

She is a little princess and will only sleep on duvets and blankets!

I was given this award my Ayden of Little Blog of Horrors a while ago, but have only just got around to passing it on! If you haven't checked out her blog yet you really should!


Give this award to 10 sweet and friendly bloggers

Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you

Put the award on your blog

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