Friday, 28 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Little Miss Turn-ups

72 followers! Wow :) Big thank you to you all for taking the time to read what I ramble on about!! I have been collecting some items for a giveaway which I think I will do when I get to 100 followers, hopefully that won't be too long!
Well, as you may have noticed I am rather liking flashing my ankles in turned up skinny jeans at the moment! Think it makes an outfit slightly more summery by flashing a little skin!
Yesterday my sister and I went up to Cardiff to see my step-sister at uni. We indulged in a little shopping and a lot of Nandos! Here is what I wore ...
Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Jeans, Primark £8, Grey tshirt, H&M £4, Studded and striped cardigan, TK Maxx £17, Scarf, Charity shop 50p
Outfit Total - £63.50
My lovely sister took pity on me being poor and feeling sorry for myself and bought me these beautiful shoes :)
I think I may of over eaten a little at Nandos as I spent most of the night awake feeling rather ill! So after 2 hours sleep today's outfit was a variation on yesterdays!

Shoes, Primark £18(but free for me :)!), Skinny jeans, Primark £8, Tshirt, H&M £4, Blazer, Primark £13, Necklace, Primark £3, Bag, Primark £9, Scarf, Charity shop 50p
Outfit total - £37.50


  1. Love the shoes! I can't believe it's still sunny and warm here, just hope it lasts for the Bank Holiday!

  2. Cute jeans! They look good rolled up. :)

  3. Aww, that's so lovely of your sis to treat you to those shoes. Sounds like a fab day out. xx

  4. What a lovely sister you have! I love both pairs of boots and top marks for the vintage scarf, inspired dressing.
    It's awful here this morning, typical bank holiday weather, huh?

  5. LOVE those shoes you look adorable. congrats on the followers!

    Anna Katrina

  6. Ohh, pretty looks. I love the reuse of the scarf, it's lovely. And can I say that you look fabulous with yur hair up?

  7. Those shoes are amazing! What a nice sister you have! Love both your outfits - cant pick a fave! x

  8. Lucky you, the shoes are lovely!


  9. your shoes are amazing, love them. And your striped jacket also! Where is it from?

  10. Your bag looks nice :)

    I’ve tagged you on my blog too
    You can find it here:

  11. Aaah, I was desperate to get my mitts on those Primark shoes, but they didn't have any left in my size! They look great with your turn ups.

  12. I LOVE those shoes!!!
    I'm going to have to go into primark more, you have some gorgeous pieces from there :)

  13. Those Steve Madden shoes are amazing!

  14. Lovely. Shoes are fantastic!

  15. THose shoes are amazing, you look so well put together!


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