Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Top 10 TK Maxx Tips!

I have had a few people asking me how I manage to find decent things in TK Maxx, so I thought I would produce a list of my top 10 tips!
- Do a dedicated TK Maxx trip. You have a greater chance of finding things if you are not rushing to get to the rest of the shops!
- Look through all the rails, things often get put back in the wrong places! Fab pair of jeans amongst prom dresses, who would of thought!
- Do not limit yourself to looking only within your size range. With items coming from hundreds of stockists it means a generous size 6 could actually be a 10-12(I kid you not!) or a stingy size 14 could be a perfect size 10!
- Shoes and bags are one of the main areas you can really make a saving on designer products.
- Check out their beauty/toiletry products, Tigi hair care 1/2 price, St Moriz fake tan(essentially the same as St Tropez!) at £4.99, Nails Inc sets at amazing prices!
- If in doubt, buy! It may go against the grain but the chances are they only have 1 or 2 of the item in your size so it probably won't still be there when you come back next weekend! With a 14 day return policy you can always return it if you change your mind!
- Always remember to check for missing belts on dress/laces on shoes/faulty zips,things you could replace/repair yourself. If it doesn't state on the label that the item has been reduced due to said missing belt/faulty zip etc there could be further discount available!
- TK Maxx now have a website, so you can get your bargain fix from the comfort of your sofa!
- Don't forgot the home section! It is a treasure trove of designer kitchenware, amazing garden sculptures, books, storage trunks and so much more!
- You need 2 things in TK Maxx, time and patience!

TK Maxx have not asked me to provide these tips, I am just responding to questions I have been asked :)


  1. Good tips :)

    I rarely think to look in TK Maxx, then every time I do remember I'm annoyed I don't go in more often!
    Although I agree with the needing time & patience part, which is generally what I'm lacking, so..

  2. This is brilliant! Thank you for the tips- I can vouch for the cosmetics and toiletry one- I've found some great bargains there!

  3. All great advice. :) I quote like TKmaxx and I have found some great buys. I think dedicating a whole trip there is a very good idea :)

  4. i am defo not patient in tk maxx xxxx

  5. I just always forget to go, despite there being one less than 2 miles from where I work!

  6. YES! Fab tips for TK Maxx bargain hunters. I adore that shop!

  7. TK maxx is brilliant but I don't really shop new now. I went in with a friend a few years ago and there was someone reducing stuff and they asked my friend what he wanted to pay for the items he'd chosen!


  8. Great tips, I haven't the patience for TK Maxx so knowing I can shop online is a bonus!

    x x

  9. seriously awesome post girly!

  10. Great tips from the expert! Thanks for sharing.
    It's been years since I braved TK Maxx, it's definately a place you need to spend hours in.

  11. I love this post - I'm sooo heading to TK Maxx at lunchtime!

  12. It's somewhere I sometimes have a tentative rummage in, but the prices seem a bit high most of the time when you can find loads of nice things in charity shops for the same amount of effort. Nevertheless, you seem to do well so I might give it another go!

  13. They are really good tips!
    I always miss out TK max because I'm always rushing around and don't have time, but i think I'll take your advice and make a dedicated trip just for TK max!
    The few times i have looked properly I've found super good bargains :)


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