Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lady Bug Says ... 100 Things That Make Me Happy! #4

31. Cherry Blossom

32. Fireworks

33. Perfume

34. Cosy Slippers

35. Neat Handwriting

36. Rom Coms

37. Weddings

38. Magic Stars :)

39. Cooking

40. Books

I am really enjoying putting together these happy posts, puts a smile on my face searching for cute pictures of happy things!
I am going off on a little jolly to France for a few days with my Dad and Sister, so I will be back after the weekend with hopefully some outfit posts in locations other than my kitchen and possibly a post on packing lightly, something I usually struggle with!


  1. I love these kind of posts :) Can't wait till I atart seeing Cheery Blossoms. It just means that the warmer weather is here! hurry up Summer! xo

  2. magic stars! i haven't had those in ages.. yum!
    are you going to the usual spot in france? :)
    i'm jealous! have a great time lovely xxx

  3. i love these posts, and the handwriting one reminds me i need to make my handwriting legible and then get on with the handwriting tag i've been given!
    have a lovely time in France!!!

  4. I love cherry blossom! Yesssss. Our tree is just starting to flower x

  5. These posts bring such a smile to my face. I quite want to bake whilst wearing knee socks now..


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