Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Grow Your Own!

Neither the Mr or I were born 'green fingered' by any means! But once we had our little patch of land to call our own our gardening instinct seemed to kick in!

The Mr has done the majority of the structural work and I have concentrated more on the actual plants! When we got our house I knew that I wanted to grow lots of fruit and veg, for no real other reason than because I could!

The fruits of our labour(please excuse the pun!) are now starting to show :)

Hugging carrots! I'm sure the neighbours thought I was more than a little strange when I let out a squeal when I discovered these!

Chilli's, Raspberry's(munching on a bowl of these as I type) & Peppers

Runner Beans & My 1st Tomato :)

The first gladioli of the year, sunflowers and lilies!

I hope you all find these kind of posts interesting :)


  1. Great post!

  2. Wow, get you! Well done on the growing. There is something great about growing your own food i find. Those carrots! Well I think I may have squealed too!

    Bet your garden looks fab.

    X x

  3. what a cool idea! i'm so rubbish in the garden though..xx

  4. Ahah, awesome carrots! I have major growing envy x

  5. We're growing this year too :)
    So far we've got cucumbers, gherkins, beans and strawberries, we didn't do tomatoes this year though which I am now regretting!
    I'm also hoping my sunflowers open up too soon xxx


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