Monday, 11 July 2011

Lady Bug Says ... The Finished Dress & A Wedding

Evening Lovelies!

Sorry for such a big gap between posts! Last week was beyond busy, I don't think my Filofax has ever had so many appointments and deadlines written in it! But thankfully this week is looking a lot clearer and less stressful!

At the weekend I attended my Dad's wedding and finally got to wear the dress I have been slaving over. I am so glad I got it finished in time and didn't have to wear the back up dress!

It was a very different kind of wedding, they got married in an old steam railway station, then we got on a steam train and travelled to the reception which was on a boat on the river. Finally our transport back to the cars was a tractor!

Here are a few photos from the day, I don't have too many, I was mainly relying on the professional photographer to get some good ones!

My sister wore - Maxi dress, H&M £15, Coral sandals, New Look £17, Coral Clutch Bag, New Look £8, Necklace, New Look £5, Cardigan, TU at Sainsbury's £6

Outfit total - £51

I wore - Dress, made by me, fabric £8 :), Nude Wedge Heels, River Island £25, Nude Clutch, Matalan £6, Coral Ring, Matalan £5, Gold Feather Earrings, Matalan £2

Outfit total - £46

Us with our mad Dad, who for some reason is holding the bouquet in a lot of the photos!

Us 'kids'

The Mr and I on the boat

Our tractor transportation!


  1. Oh I love the sound of that wedding! So much more interesting than church and then hotel for the reception!

    So impressed with your dress. It's just beautiful.

  2. Great dress. How cleaver are you!

    Loving the transport. Looks fab.

    X x

  3. wow, the wedding sounds great! Really unique!
    You all look gorgeous. Your dress turned out so, so well xx

  4. Wow, your dress is incredible! x

  5. That dress is gorgeous on you- well done ! :)

  6. Aw the wedding sounds wonderful - and your dress is gorgeous! xx

  7. What a fab sounding wedding. Loving the tractor. You all look so lovely too.

  8. Sounds like a fab wedding! Love the dress :-)

    Nat x

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous, turned out wonderfully! sounds like you had a good time x

  10. wow, tractor transportation- sounds like a fun wedding :)
    How amazing is your dress, what a clever lady you are- well done!
    aw, love your dad! haha x

  11. That dress is amazing, what an amazing sounding wedding!

    e x

  12. Your dress came out so beautifully! You look amazing!


  13. That dress is beautiful - amazing DIY!


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