Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Its A Ring Thing!

Evening Lovelies!

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far! I am, as always, already counting down to the Bank Holiday weekend! Fingers crossed for some sunshine please!

As it was pretty sunny on Sunday I thought I would take the opportunity to photograph my ring collection in the sunshine!

Out of all the jewellery I own I probably wear rings the most.

My little collection!

My favourite most sparkly ring! This was given to me for my 21st birthday from my Mum & Sister. I had been lusting after it for ages and was so pleased to get it! It is definitely reserved for special occasions!

I love double finger rings! Leaf ring, Primark £2, Bird ring, Primark £2, Anchor ring, ASOS £6, Flower ring, Matalan £2

Statement rings! Blue stone ring, Monsoon £4, Coral stone ring, Matalan £5, Gold swirl ring, Primark 2, Turquoise ring, Primark £2

Silver faceted ring, H&M £1, Flower ring, Republic (gift from the Sis!), Turquoise ring, Primark £2, Black stone ring, Primark £2

Dainty rings! Red bird ring, Craft fair £2, Swallow stacking rings, Matalan £2, Silver & Opal ring, gift from my Mum, Aztec ring, present from my Dad, Silver band ring, present from my Mum, Silver swirl ring, Xmas present

Now I just need some way of storing them! Anyone have any good jewellery storage ideas?! My collection is currently dotted around the house, usually next to the sink!!


  1. Lovely post :)
    I do love rings, rings & necklaces are my fav! Some of yours are gorgeous.
    I'm counting down until the weekend too, although little money & working on Monday doesn't make it quite as fun

  2. you have some beautiful rings! I'm a bit ring obsessed at the moment, specially with silver ones so this post has made me want to go out and get some new ones! They're all really well priced ones too! x

  3. I love rings...droooling over your collection!

  4. wow thats quite a collection! I love the asos anchor ring and pretty much all of your Primark bargains!

  5. What a great collection, I love the Monsoon statement ring, and the double rings are fab.
    I cannot wait till the weekend! So much planned, just hope the weather decides to cheer up.


  6. i loveee the aztec ring! I need to find one similar x

  7. i'm ring obsessed like you! that silver opal ring is gorgeous. http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ XX

  8. The rings are gorgeous, I'm quite jealous haha :)
    I tend to keep my rings in a big square gift box - the kind you get for bracelets & bangles, and jewellery trees are great for necklaces - Forever 21 have some great ones right now!

  9. Love the spotty bird!

    I keep all my rings in a bamboo stacky thing from Ikea. So useful!

  10. You have a marvelous collection mrs! Especially that anchor one from ASOS, and I've just looked and it's still available eek! :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. Wawwww this makes me want o go out and buy lot of rings!!
    Nice blog :)
    Annest X

  12. Loving your ring collection I'm a ring addict I need some new ones as I'm bored of all mine :)

  13. You have a super ring collection. The dainty ones are my favourite's especially that Aztec one. I have so much jewellery myself. You should collect vintage glass ware pots to store your rings in or get yourself to Urban outfitters as they so many pieces of home ware you could place them on to keep safe.


Your comments make me smile :)

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