Monday, 25 June 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Deal Collector

I am a big fan deal/bulk buy/discount websites, who doesn't love to get a bit of a bargain! 

I was recently contacted by to let me know about their new website which allows you to search all the offers available in your area from websites such as Groupon, Keynoir and Wowcher all in one place. I am loving the idea of not having to search through multiple websites to find deals in everywhere from Cambridge to Belfast! I also like the idea of being able to search in a city where you are going away on holiday to, to book maybe a spa treat or a nice meal whilst you are away.

 I have bought a whole range of deals, everything from lunch at a fancy (usually couldn't afford to eat there!' restaurant to hair salon deals and think they are a really good way to treat yourself to something you maybe wouldn't normally buy. My sister even recently bought a No!No! for 60% off the retail price, so there really are some good deals to be had.

The only downside I have found with the website is that it currently doesn't include the city I live in, but maybe that will change in time. In the meantime I am quite content browsing through the national and fairly local deals to me :)


  1. I love sites like that! There is one here in the states that will actually email you every time there is a discount in the area you've subscribed too. Pretty neat! You can get some amazing deals that way.


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