Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Primark AW12

 As a big Primark fan I was pretty happy to see an email from LOOK magazine containing Primark AW12 exclusives! I find Primark to be very hit and miss but it looks like they have got it so so right for AW12!

They seem to have taken a fair bit of inspiration from Zara, but hey, if it means I can have the faux leather sleeved parka at a purse friendly price I am all for it!

Beaded Collar Cut Out Blouse - £12     Neon Mesh Jumper - £12     Cut Out Lace Shoulder Blouse - £10

 Contrast Blazer - £12     Faux Leather Sleeve Parka - £25     Pink Blazer - £15

 BouclĂ© Collar Dress - £26     Tailored Shorts - £10     BouclĂ© Trim Skirt - £16

Pearl Spike Necklace - £10     Ankle Strap Sandal - £12

Items should be coming into stores from the end of June, really hope I can get my hands on some of these pieces!


  1. The Boucle skirt and dress are my favourite! I love them :) Great post!

    Karys x

  2. I like the yellow dress and skirt, but the dress seems expensive for Primark!

  3. That pretty yellow dress is one I'll be looking out for.

  4. I need that parka!!! Please someone help me. There is no Primark in the USA :-(


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