Friday, 13 August 2010

Lady Bug Says ... A Bit Obsessed!

OK, I will admit it, I have become slightly obsessed with these shorts. Whenever I can't think of what to wear I seem to grab them!
I have worn them twice this week!

Ankle boots, Primark £10, Tights, Primark £1, Shorts, Primark £7, Tshirt, H&M £4, Cardigan, Primark £10, Necklace, Matalan £3

Outfit total - £35

I love the simplicity of this necklace!

Gladiator heels, Tesco £5, Shorts, Primark £7, Oversized leopard tshirt, H&M £7, Draped cardigan, Primark £6, Necklace, Matalan £3, Ring, Primark £2

Outfit total - £30

I felt abit like Safari Barbie in this outfit! And thanks to the weatherman and his crap weather predictions I got some very odd looks walking to the bank with my legs out whilst it was raining and pretty damn cold!

Bargain ring :)

I picked up this necklace in the Matalan sale, love all the little charm elements.

Recently I have seen Leanne at Do Not Refreeze do some fab sponged gradient nails!

So here is my attempt, not bad for a first try!

I used ELF 'Desert Haze' as a base, ELF 'Coral' for the sponged tips & ELF 'Clear' for the top coat.

Think I will try using 3 colours next time!


  1. The nails look amazing! Great for a first try.

    And that necklace is gorgeous!

  2. Love those nails, and fab shorts!
    It's been so rainy here, I've cracked out my tights in August.


  3. Those shorts are beautiful on you and your hands and nails are stunning. Love the polish, such a beautiful effect. xxx

  4. I love your jewelry and your nails are so very very pretty!


  5. Love these shorts, and that necklace is a beaut :)
    gorgeous hunny xxx

  6. These shorts are really great - not surprised you want to live in them! xx

  7. I love the necklace, and the ring, that aqua/blue colour is really popular at the moment.

    And the shorts look great x

  8. loving your nails! wish mine would grow that long xxx

  9. That ring at your nails look amazing together! I wish I was dedicated enough to keep my nails looking so good!

  10. love your blog

    im now following you, follow me back @

  11. Looking great as always girlie :) haha I love when you find a piece of clothing you get addicted to! I always end up wearing it to the death, then hiding in at the back of the wardrobe for a few months once Im sick of it :p xx

  12. Your shorts are gorgeous...especially with that cardigan. And the nails are fabulous...I really like them


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