Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lady Bug Says ... 100 Things That Make Me Happy! #2

Evening lovelies!
Here is the 2nd installment of 100 things that make me happy!
11. Pretty nails

12. Lie ins

13. Cocktails

14. Cuddles

15. Rings

16. Glee

17. Charity shops

18. Floral prints

19. Comfy Pjs

20. Wavy hair

All images from We Heart It


  1. I used to hate glee but then my exams were looming in and I've watched everything else, so I started to watch it and now I can't stop! They even made me like Justin Bieber! HAha! :) Otherwise , I agree with you with every single point, well except for coctails- I'm allergic to alcohol! Can you believe it? One slurp of wine or anything and I get big red spots all over my body! But I like J2O :P haha!

  2. You have listed quite a few of the things that make me smile too!

    X x

  3. these things all make me happy too :)


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