Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Red Coat

Not quite a red coat, but a red blazer. A blazer that I have kind of struggled with wearing since I bought it back in September last year! I think this is shamefully only its 3rd outing! Any ideas for what to wear it with?!

Today I paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans, that I really wish fitted a little better and my new white shirt. I gave myself a little round of applause for the fact that I managed to wear white all day without spilling anything down it!

I hope the blossom stays on the tree for a little longer, it certainly makes a pretty backdrop for photographs! I do need to get a bit better with photographs/using my camera, I can't seem to pick up all the details I want to in my photos, any camera savvy people have any tips?!

Taupe Heels, Courtesy of Matalan, Black Skinny Jeans, Matalan £10, White Zip Detail Blouse, Next £28, Red Blazer, Forever 21 £19

Coral Ring, Matalan £5 & Teal Ring, Accessorize £4

Base Nail Polish, Models Own Slate Grey, Polka Dots, Barry M Mushroom

Outfit total - £66


  1. The coral ring is lovely- yay Matalan lady :)
    Love the coat, the splash of colour really works well x

  2. Great outfit, love the jacket and shoes.

    X x

  3. Hello gorgeous! I am hopeless at styling blazers of any sort! xo

  4. I love coloured blazer. I need more in my life. I think you did a great job pairing it with skinny jeans and a white shirt. It's a classic look.

  5. You can wear it will everything.
    A long black maxi dress with a pink necklace and some sandals
    Jeans with a printed shirt
    Funky print tee with a skirt and some cute wedges!
    I know what you mean, I have things that I what to wear all the time, but than when it comes to it I never do. Love the blazer anyway x

  6. This outfit is gorgeous, I love the blouse and shoes. The blazer really is the stand out piece xxx

  7. That blazer is beautiful! I love how you've paired it with really simple pieces so ut really stands out!


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