Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lady Bug Says ... My First Sewing Project!

Evening Ladies!
I'm sure with my lack of posting you have probably forgotten who I am, but I am back!
I have had a crazy few weeks, before Christmas our lodger moved out, so in the New Year we had the task of finding another one. Finding someone we felt comfortable with took a lot longer than we thought! But now we have 2 new lodgers moving in within the next few weeks, so we have been spending our evenings and weekends getting both of the rooms and bathrooms ready for new people!
Also over the past few months I have been having extremely bad migraines and after a particularly bad one at the weekend I decided to go and see the doctor on Monday. She was lovely and has given me a great migraine management plan so hopefully I can finally get them under control!
Anyway, onto the point of this post! I actually made these cushions way before Christmas, but I also made 2 for my sister for Christmas so I didn't want to post them on here in case she saw.
I got my little John Lewis sewing machine for my birthday back in October and wanted to start out with something easy. So some union jack cushion covers seemed like a good starting point!
I used navy jersey, red cotton and white lace. The stitches might not be the neatest or the straightest, but every time I look at them I am very proud that I made them! Plus my sister loves the ones I made for her :)

I think I am next going to attempt to alter a few skirts I have recently bought from the charity shop, fingers crossed it goes well! I will be sure to show you all the results!


  1. oh wow, the cushion looks like it's shop bought. :)

  2. Wow, well done, they are lovely! I finished my first sewing project today, a dress for my four year old daughter x

  3. Welcome back - I hope the lodgers settle in well.

    Those cushions are brilliant, a lovely take on the flag x

  4. These are so cute. I wish I could sew but unfortunately even sewing a button on is too hard a task for me x

  5. Aw wow! I saw them in a tutorial somewhere right? They are AMAZING! Go you, you should sell things like these! x

  6. they look amazing :) love the frilly bits- well done xx

  7. love the new header btw!
    the cushions look amazing! i wish i could do something like that. I think i'd be useless.
    looking forward to your other posts with your sewing creations! xx

  8. oh wow i love them you need to sell them!!! :) Sorry about the migraines :( I get really bad ones as well and i just cant function for about 24 hours. Just have to lie in a dark room and the worst is throwing up and not being able to eat or anything. If you have any good tips please let me know! x

  9. They are lovely Vicky! I've been after some unnion jack cushions for ages now, but they are always either way too expensive or else cheap looking :(
    I might attempt these though as they're just right.

    Glad to hear you are getting your migraines sorted. I had them from 13 to the age of 27 so I can fully sympathise, I ever got the sack after being stuck down with one mid shift and being incapable of doing anything. They are really awful so you have my full sympathy. let me know if the medication helps

    xxx Maddie

  10. Sorry to hear about your migraines, they are a horrible thing to suffer with.
    Those cushions are fantastic, love them! xxx

  11. I just got a sewing machine for my birthday yesterday! :) I CANT wait to start doing all sorts of crazy stuff with it :P haha! Good tip on the cushions, they look easy enough to do but beautiful enough to be a gift! :)

  12. they are beautiful!!!
    well done, i love that smug feeling of knowing that something lovely you have made youreself when you look at it :) xx

  13. They look fab. I love how you have used lace for the white bits looks really different x

  14. hi :)

    ive just found your lovely blog and couldnt help swooning over these cushions, they are lovely, i would be proud to have made them too :)

  15. Oh they're wonderful! I haven't attempted anything nearly so adventurous with my little machine.

  16. They look great! :)

    The lace makes it that little bit different!


  17. I love these cushions, what a great first project. Can't wait to see more in the future :)x


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