Monday, 30 April 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Aussie Angel

I think I have had this hair cut, colour and style for almost as long as I can remember! Well this or a very close variation!
 I have always been in the possession of long brown, pretty lifeless hair, and no real idea of what to do with it other than wear it straight, curled or up in a top knot. No matter how hard I try I cannot recreate that salon volumous blow dry, sweep my hair into a fab up do or style my bouffant into gorgeous beachy waves!
You may be wondering where I am going with this... well the lovely people over at Aussie are running a competition to become a much coveted Aussie Angel. I figured if there was anyone to help me out of my hair rut and teach me how to make my hair look more than 'ok' it is Aussie!
So if wanting to make the most of your hair and being willing to take any hair advice given qualifies you to be an Aussie Angel then I hope that I may be considered!



  1. Fingers crossed for you! Being an Aussie Angel is fab. xx

  2. I've always thought your hair looks lovely! Hope you make the Angel xxx

  3. Good luck! However I think your hair looks fab



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