Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Models Own Bargains!

Evening Lovelies!

I imagine that the majority of the beauty/fashion blogger community indulged in the fab Models Own 50% off sale! Having only ever owned one Models Own polish before I thought it was a pretty good time to get my hands on a few more and give them a try!

I managed to restrain myself and only purchased 5!

Jade Stone, Golden Peach, Pink Fizz, Juicy Jules & Champagne

Jade Stone is a very pretty dark mint green. The consistency is quite thin, the above photo is with 2 coats, but I think with 3 coats it would be pretty opaque! It's definitely one that needs abit of patience to apply!

I love how this polish changes from peach to coral to golden depending on the light, plus is applies so easily, 2 coats and your done!

Pink glitter! Instant love! There is so much glitter packed into this that 2 coats is enough to get pretty much full coverage! Not looking forward to having to remove it though!

Slightly less glitter than Pink Fizz but I think this would be so pretty over the top of another colour.

My absolute favourite! Champagne is like molten metal in a bottle! It looks bronze, gold and silver all at the same time!

Pretty pleased with all of these, certainly not bad for £2.50 a bottle!

Now all I have to decide is which one to use first!


  1. I love the amount of glitter in the glittery polishes, a proper covering! That pink fizz one looks lovely :)

  2. Love them! I have so many nail polishes I somehow resisted their sale; regretting that a bit!

  3. LOVE the shades, i havent got my hands on models own yet :( x


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