Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lady Bug Says ... A Sewing DIY!

Evening Ladies

A little DIY post from me tonight. The other evening I decided it was about time I crossed something off my to do/to make/to repair list, it was getting far too long! Me being me I picked the simplest thing, though it was nice just to cross something off the list and to get my sewing machine out! It needs to see the light of day more often!

I purchased this cute ladybird print fabric back in April from Lucy Loves Fabric when I also bought the fabric to make my first dress. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it, yellow and navy ladybirds, how could I resist!

Seeing as I am still relatively new to sewing I thought I would keep it simple and use some of the fabric to make a cute tote bag. A girl can never have enough bags to carry around extra 'stuff' in after all!

I started buy marking and cutting out 2 large panels, 2 smaller side panels, 1 base panel and 2 handles allowing 1.5cm all around for the seams.

I then pinned the 2 smaller side panels and the base panel to one of the large panels.

I then sewed it all together, added the other large panel and hemmed the top edge.

I then added on the handles and turned it all the right way round!

Tote bag done! Granted it did take me over 2 hours to make, anyone else get that terrifying feeling before first cutting fabric?!

I have got plenty more projects on my list so am hoping with the Autumn weather setting in I might have a few more wet weather weekends to get indoor projects done!


  1. That's such a great bag, I love the fabric.
    I quite enjoy cutting everything to size but the actually construction terrifies me. x

  2. Such a cute little bit of diy. I really must get my sewing machine out this Autumn, I miss sewing and making xxx

  3. wow you are so creative! the print is sooo cute, wish i could attempt to make a little tote but it would go totally balls ;( x

  4. I'm in love with that fabric, fab bag and great DIY.

  5. Aaaw that's brilliant! The fabric is gorgeous too, everyone will be so in love with the pattern they wouldn't notice mistakes, if any! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. That looks great- I would never have guessed that you were new to sewing, it looks like a bag I'd buy in the shops!

    Nat x

  7. Aw that fabric is so cute! I'm always impressed by people who can make their own clothes and accessories - I'd love to be able to do lots of DIY projects but I'm a bit useless at that sort of thing!


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