Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lady Bug Says ... A Little More About Me

Evening lovelies.

Sorry I have been rather absent, various ailments seem to have struck me down all at the same time! But I'm soldiering on, don't you worry!

I thought tonight I would show you a little more of my life outside of the blog. As much as I love fashion, beauty & baking my job means the world to me. I can talk kitchens for hours and tend to bore people with my incessant chatter of traditional vs contemporary and granite vs solid surface!

I work for a bespoke joinery and shopfitting company as a kitchen planner, though as we are a small family company I also cover various other roles such as reception and payroll.

My favourite part of my job is receiving a 'list of dreams' from a client and being able to create their dream room :) Plus I get my vicariously spend a fortune of gorgeous joinery through my customers!

Traditional in-frame painted kitchen with granite and timber worktops.

Oak & cream shaker kitchen with granite worktops

Traditional sage in-frame kitchen with oak block worktops

Cream framed doors with solid surface worktops

Oak shaker doors with solid surface worktops

Cream in-frame kitchen with slate worktops

So what's your dream kitchen? Every time I design a new one my personal dream seems to change!


  1. Ahh I LOVE to talk house - 3 houses in 4 years does that to a girl!! We put our dream kitchen in the last house, white gloss & grey worktops, really slick, I loved it. Current house is actually awful, it's next on the to do list but I dunno what to do as it's pretty small, I love the oak & cream shaker one you posted :) x

  2. Did you get to desing your own kitchen when you moved in to your housE?
    Also, are they sketchup visualisations? I hate sketchup, i tried to improve my skills on it last year when we needed to do some 3d visualisations for some of the classroom layouts we had done, but i';m just not very skilled with it.

  3. I like the second one the best - though I'd be happy with anything if I had that much space to manoeuvre! Xo

  4. Ah kitchens hold on a special place in my heart, we got ours done this year after 4 years of putting up with a god awful one with oven door hanging off. Not good.
    I love my new shiny kitchen and it thanks to people like you that I have it. :)

  5. Sounds like such an interesting job, and it must be so satisfying when you get people's 'dream lists' and you're able to make it happen! x

  6. My dream kitchen would be a farmhouse kitchen with aga, wood beam ceiling and stone floors. Actually, one of my friends lives on a farm and has my dream kitchen, I wonder if I could claim squatters rights when she next goes away.

  7. everything is so pretty!!! I love a lot of different things here... my dream kitchen has granite :)

  8. I think I like the slate one best, but then I always wanted marble countertops :-)

    Sounds like a really fun, creative job- I've always thought that the kitchen is the heart of the house!

    Nat x

  9. Any of those kitchen would be okay for me. It is nice to have those kitchen.

    solid wood worktop


Your comments make me smile :)

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