Monday, 10 October 2011

Lady Bug Says ... A Bit Of A Ramble

Evening Lovelies!

Going to be a little bit of a rambley post this evening and basically some reasons(excuses) why I have been a bit absent recently!

I did have every intention of photographing some outfits from the last week when I got home tonight, but by the time I had done the food shop(such a glam life!) it was already dark! Really not liking the dark nights arriving so suddenly! Certainly not looking forward to the day I go to and come home from work in the dark!

I thought I would share a pretty photo from the summer, bring back sunshine and bright flowers please!

Over the past few months I have been ill on and off which is increasingly frustrating! I have been diagnosed as wheat intolerant(big thanks to Alex for making me realise that being wheat free isn't actually the end of the world!) and having Costochondritis, which is inflammation of the chest cartilage which is bloody painful. So painful I ended up at A&E on Thursday night as I was slightly concerned that there might be something wrong with my heart :S One ECG and a few hours in hospital later I was reassured that my heart wasn't giving up on me but I do need a course of strong anti-inflammitories! I don't want to sound all 'poor old me' but feeling generally rubbish each day is getting me down!

Recently the lovely girls over at Select contacted me and offered to send me something to review. I picked this pretty skater style dress and so far have worn it to the Look Show. I have honestly never received anything from a company so prettily packaged! I will be doing a proper review once its had a few more outings.

(I have no idea whats going on with the spacing of these photos! Though with the way blogger is being at the moment I am just thankful that they are the right way up!) also very kindly offered to send me something from one of their Autumn/Winter collections. I originally picked this pretty yellow dress from Fearne Cottons range but unfortunately the sizes seemed to come up really big :( Luckily they let me send it back and pick something else so I went for these Love Label suede shorts. Highly impractical, I have only worn them once and was fearful of eating anything whilst wearing them, I can't afford dry cleaning bills!! I do love these shorts though, can't wait to wear them with thick tights and boots :)

Finally, like most bloggers I have attempted galaxy inspired nails! I think they might look slightly more like sparkly bird crap but hey!

I think that is about it for my rambling! This post has taken bloody hours to write after my laptop decided to blue screen of death and restart no less than 10 times in 30 mins! I am now on the Mr's computer after much swearing and giving up on mine! I have lots of posts lined up so hopefully Lady Bug Says will be updated a little more frequently! How you ladies manage to post daily I will never know!!


  1. I Love The Galaxy Inspired Nails!! x

  2. Love the nails, and the dress and shorts no doubt will look great on you!
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, chest inflammation sounds really painful!!
    Get well soon. xx

  3. Those shorts are gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear that you've been unwell. Hopefully having a clear diagnosis will make things seem less scary. x

  4. That skater dress is beautiful!

    Sorry you've been so poorly :( I've had inflamed rib muscles before and it's SO painful.

    Much love x

  5. hope you're feeling better lovely! so weird.. i was in a&e on thursday too.. and i'm on a gluten free diet.. haha! It's deffo not the end of the world and you can eat a lot more than you first think :) lots of love xxx

  6. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon xxx

  7. Sorry to hear you have ben unwell, hope your are now on the mend.

    fab looking shorts.

    X x

  8. Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon (i know what it's like to be feeling ill everyday and it sucks!!) Keep smiling :)

    LOVE your nails :) xx


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