Monday, 13 February 2012

Lady Bug Says ... His & Hers Masks

Evening Lovelies.

A little review for you tonight, the Mr and I were recently sent some face masks from the range of Montagne Jeunesse skincare products.

The Mr was sent the 'Zap Them Peel Off' mask from the men's range and I received the 'Passion Peel Off' mask.

The Mr was reluctantly persuaded to give this a go after I told him it was green and he may look like the incredible hulk once it was on. Though he was a bit disappointed that the mask was in fact a slightly green tinged gel rather than bright green! He commented that the mask had a very fresh pine smell and that it was strange feeling his face getting colder and tighter! Boys hey!

I must say I preferred the scent and colour of my mask! Again it had a fresh smell and was nicely cooling. I do like peel off masks, but think they are probably more suited to the summer months. Both of us sat on the sofa saying how cold our faces felt!

I was going to include photos of the masks in use but quite frankly we both looked like we had odd slimy skin conditions!

We had a little 'who can peel off the biggest bit' (kind of gross I know!) competition, which the Mr clearly won as he managed to peel nearly the whole mask off in one. I think I would of stood a better chance if I had given the mask another 5 mins as it was still quite tacky come peeling time! We both felt that the masks left our skin tighter and brighter, mine was left a little red but I do have quite sensitive skin so kind of expect it when trying out a new product.

Overall we would both give both the masks 4/5.


  1. I don't think any amount of persuasion would get my BF to wear a mask - well done you! Haha xo

    1. I did take a lot of persuasion, but got there in the end! Don't think he will be fooled twice though!


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