Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lady Bug Says ... My Blog Favourites

Morning Lovelies!

I thought I would do something a little different on the blog, over the next few weeks I am going to do a few posts about my favourite blogs to read. I always enjoy these kinds of posts as I feel it is a really good way to discover new blogs.

So I am going to kick things off with my 'Faithful Follower' blogs!

These are all blogs that I have followed right from when I began blogging and I don't plan on clicking the unfollow button anytime soon!

Char puts so much dedication and effort into regularly blogging, making her blog one of my favourite reads. Plus she has a shoe and dress collection to make any girl envious!

I love Alex's witty writing style and her ability to find a second hand bargain! She is also a fellow cat lover :)

Laura's blog is a lovely mix of outfit posts, baking and many things in-between. It is my go to blog for yummy baking recipes too!

No one can mix prints and exude as much confidence as Vix! She is the undisputed queen of the charity shop!

I want Jen's wardrobe, especially her statement necklace collection! I love her simple classic style :)

One day I hope to be as organised as Thrifty, she is a force to be reckoned with! I enjoy everything about her blog, from the outfit posts to the handy tips :)

What is your favourite blog to read? Please let me know in a comment, I love discovering new ones :)


  1. aww thank you for mentioning me :) xx

  2. Awww! Thanks for the mention. I'm honoured to be amongst such greats! x

  3. Are you sure you've not written my list? They are all my favourites too.

    X x

  4. Thank you Vicky! By curious coincidence, I have just tagged for you for a shiny blog award! Hope you fancy having a go at it :)

  5. I love all of these ladies too! All such great blogs xxx


Your comments make me smile :)

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