Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Winter Knits

Evening lovelies!

It's bloody cold and I hate it!! The Mr went to de-ice my car this morning (thank you!) but 10 minutes later when I left for work it had frozen up again. Cold weather (-3) and early mornings do not mix!!

I've been going to work bundled up in chunky knits and relying on the little heater under my desk keeping me warm. The only plus I have seen to the stupidly cold weather is I have actually been taking lunch to work as I don't want to have to venture out during my break!

I love this jumper, I just wish it had longer sleeves!!

Burgundy trousers, Next £12, Vest top, Primark £3, Draped knitted cardigan,
TU at Sainsburys £6

The Mr was making my laugh whilst taking photos, doing his best 'photographer' impression, 'more pout darrrrrling'!

Leopard loafers, Next - Christmas present from the in-laws.

I love these shoes, but boy did the smell when I first got them! I spent hours on Christmas day convinced I could smell a bonfire/burning kind of smell and then everyone telling me I was going mad! I eventually tracked the smell down to these shoes! After a few days 'airing' they seem to have lost the worst of it!

Leopard necklace, Me & Zena £12 , Ring, Primark £2

Outfit total - £35


  1. I love the trousers, want!!

    e x

  2. I love the leopard loafers xxx

  3. awwwww the leopard necklace is sooo looks so droopy!! love this outfit xx


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