Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lady Bug Says ... A Daisy Update

I recently asked if you would all like a puppy updated and some of you said yes, so I thought I would let you all know how she is doing!

She is now nearly 16 weeks old and has been home with use for nearly 8 weeks. During that time she has more than doubled in weight and increased even more in overall size! She has learnt so much and is now completely toilet trained and knows a wide variety of commands including sit, stay, lie down, paw, roll over, come and leave it. She has also just about mastered going up and down the stairs. It has actually surprised me how quickly she has learnt things! She can now go out for walks and has discovered a love of the beach, especially swimming in the sea and digging in the sand, she isn't so fond of having to have a bath afterwards though! She also loves playing with ice cubes, eating cold carrots and sleeping on the sofa.

So on with the cute photos, I can't believe how much she has grown!

At 9 weeks old, chewing leaves and barely able to get up onto the decking!

11 weeks old and not quite getting how to play with the Frisbee!

12 weeks old and enjoying sleeping in the kitchen whilst I am cooking dinner!

14 weeks old and loving her new toy!

15 weeks old and nearly too big for her favourite corner!

15 weeks and claiming her favourite spot on the sofa!


  1. Oh my goodness what a total cutie! She has made me very, very puppy broody.and wow, what a difference in size from the first photos to the last!
    I must admit I was surprised that puppies can learn so many commands so quickly-she sounds like a clever girl though.


  2. She is beautiful :D
    Hasn't she grown! We're looking at getting a golden retriever, I can't wait

  3. OMG so cuteee :$ i love dogs :)

  4. I actually love Daisy, she is soooo cute. Love how she's getting the gangly leg puppy look before they grow into themselves. The picture of her with the frisbee is adorable.
    Wish I lived closer as sure Holly & Percie would love playing with Daisy.

  5. Oh how incredibly cute! I'm not even much of a dog person so that means she must be amazing :D

  6. She is SO cute, and of course, her name is amazing ;)

  7. This is the most adorable post I've seen in a really long time - so cute!



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