Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lady Bug Says ... Guess Who Is Back

Long time no speak!

The only explanation I have for my absence is that 24 hours is not enough hours in a day!

Over the past few months I have been up to a fair bit, which I thought I would share with you, to catch you all up and start the new year a fresh!

Firstly back in November I attended a charity hair show put on by DKN Hair, with clothing and make up by students at Somerset College. It was an amazing night all in aid of raising money for the Exeter Stroke Unit.

Later in November I spent the weekend working at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show. By the end of it I couldn't feel my feet and had pretty much lost my voice but I loved getting to talk endlessly about kitchens and things to people who actually wanted to hear about it!
The weekend went really well and I am pretty proud of the fact that I did everything from booking the stand and designing our back unit to organising our show freebies(a flat pack egg box!) to designing the brochures. 

Then in  December it was the Mr's work Xmas party, where we got to stay in a pretty nice room with a fabulous view that managed to even make Torbay look good!

Then came Christmas, 11 wonderful days off work filled with visiting lots of family and friends, eating far too much cheese and giving and receiving some amazing presents!

The Christmas tree on Christmas day at my in laws with somewhat crazy!

Over Christmas we managed to take Daisy on some really nice walks, now she is 8 months old she can handle a good long afternoon out, though she does then enjoy a nice long snooze on the sofa when we get home!

A little outfit of the day in the woods!

Most of the pictures I have taken recently have been of Daisy, she is growing so quickly and I don't want to miss he cute puppy stage!

Look at those paws!

Sleeping with her Christmas collar on!

Christmas day was all a bit too much for her!

Being a floating puppy head :)

I have also been indulging in a lot of yummy food, I am really going to try and cook some more new recipes this year and maybe share them with you all if it is something you would be interested in seeing?!

Smoked haddock and spinach risotto

New Year's Eve scallop pasta dinner, it was delicious if a little bit too rich!

It wouldn't be Christmas without some sparkly nails!

So, all caught up?

This weeks posts are going to include an outfit post, some new year's resolutions and maybe a foody post if I cook something blog worthy!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a brilliant New Year!


  1. Welcome back :) it's good to hear from you. I love your wellies and Daisy is so cute xxx

  2. Great to see you pop up on my blogfeed.
    Daisy is looking beautiful! And getting so big. :)
    Love the look of the food, and would be more than happy with recipes, I'm determined to cook more this year.

  3. welcome back lovely, I was wondering where you had got to! xx


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