Monday, 20 September 2010

Lady Bug Says ... I'm Back :)

Guess what?! I'm back :)
The builders have still not finished(well I really shouldn't of expected them to be finished on time should I?!) but I have found a new OOTD photo location, the spare room! Shame it is soon to be rented out to a lodger! Plus just have to hope the Mr doesn't find out about me wearing shoes on the carpets!
Anyway, I have an outfit to show you all! After a week of being convinced that Autumn was well and truly here the sun has decided to shine today so I thought I should dig my favourite shorts out! I actually haven't worn them for a few weeks, that must be some kind of record!

Steve Madden boots, TK Maxx £35, Khaki shorts, Primark £7, Rare lace dress worn as top, Not Just Medical giveaway win

Outfit total £45

I have been wanting to try out matte nails for a while now, but was worried they would feel abit like a blackboard and would make me cringe(yes I'm a little odd!) I didn't really want to pay out £5+ for something I could potentially hate so when I saw ELF had released their version for £1.50 I thought I should give it ago. I am pleased to report that there is no blackboard texture!! It doesn't go on brilliantly, but that may just be my very unsteady hand!

Have any of you tried matte nails? What do you think of my new style photos?


  1. I love your outfit, really want your scarf- gutted that its a charity shop one though :( typical.

    Rach xxx

  2. Love your boots and shorts :)

  3. LOVE the new style of photos!
    I've never tried matte nails i still can't decide if i like them or not, but i didn't realise ELF did a matte topcoat. I may have to purchase this :) glad you're back xx

  4. Love the new photos - brilliant outfit, I love your boots x

  5. Great outfit, love your boots and photos look great!

  6. welcome back,
    I love love love your outfit!

  7. Perfect! Glad you have a place to take your pics! I love the matte nails, I'm so not a nail person but those are pretty! Your outfit is so perfectly late summer.

  8. LOVE that little brooch! You always find such fab things in Primark, I really need to devote more time and energy to that shop!

  9. Nice one on the new style of photos - and I'll have to try matte polish too!

  10. lovely photos - how long are your legs ? ha amazing
    New follower xo

  11. Those shorts are great! Can't wait for the winter looks you create with them.


  12. I was going to buy that ring in Primark but didn't, but really wish I had now!
    The shorts look great, love the colour xx

  13. That lace dress is beautiful!
    I want to try matte as well, didn't know ELF had released one, fab! x

  14. Oh boy I really like the bird ring, have seen it featured on several blogs, but sadly not in any of the stores i have been in :( xx


Your comments make me smile :)

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