Friday, 26 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Dress & A Challenge!

Evening Ladies!
Firstly sorry sorry sorry! Sorry I have been a rubbish blogger recently, partly due to Blogger being incapable of uploading photos and largely due to stresses taking over life.
I am also sorry for the awful pictures! I took these a few weeks ago and never used them due to them not being great. But as the Mr has filled up the room I usually take up photos in with massive rolls of insulation stuff I need to either find a new photo spot, or a new storage space!
My sister got me this dress for my birthday, I am slightly obsessed with the print!

Yumi dress, present from my sister, Black vest, Primark £3, Cardigan, Primark £6

Outfit total £19

Cats, rabbits, stars and bows! Amazing!!

Now, to get back into the blogging swing I am setting myself a little challenge! On January 10th my blog will be celebrating its first birthday. I am challenging myself to have done a total of 200 posts(45 to go!) and hopefully to get up to 200 followers(43 to go!)! If my challenge goes to plan I will then be having a blog birthday/200 posts/200 followers giveaway!

So fingers crossed I make it!


  1. Love that print! Funky!

    Sure you can do it, you deserve the 200 followers, I have 4 to go by my blogging birthday (8/12) wish me luck!


  2. That print is delightful!

    Good luck with your challenge, I'm sure you'll do it! x

  3. LOVE that dress so much.

    Good luck with your challenge x

  4. Sounds like a fab wee challenge youve set yourself miss, I'm sure you will achieve it :) life gets a bit hectic for everyone at times but love hearing your posts when youre back ♥ I sometimes get worried too if I havent posted in a while, but you cant stop 'real life' taking over and your loyal followers will always be there for you! so dont worry! :) xx

  5. Love the dress, hope everything calms down for you! x

  6. That print is truly awesome! x

  7. Lovely print on that dress. xx

  8. gorgeous!
    I love the cut and print :)


Your comments make me smile :)

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