Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... My Attempt At Glitzy Nails!

Evening Ladies!

I was planning to write up lots of posts tonight for posting during the week, but as BT seem to be giving us the most appalling internet service at the moment I am doubting that I will have the patience to wait for the photos to upload. The Mr is currently on the phone having rather stern words with them! How they think they can fob off an IT engineer with their crap excuses I do not know! We are paying for up to 20 meg but we are currently getting 0.3 meg! Very frustrating!!

Anyways, as the internet is so shocking, I had a little time on my hands last night to have a little play with my new nail decorating kit I picked up in Primark the other day for £4

I have been wanting some tiny jewels and little sequiny things for a while, so this seemed like a pretty cheap way to give them a try! I think I will be giving the fake nails and questionable nails stickers a miss though!

And this is what I came up with!

The base is ELF Desert Haze, I used the Konad M57 plate and Barry M Mushroom for the stripes and then popped on a few pink glitzy jewels on my ring finger nail.

Any Konad experts got any tips for how to do a topcoat without streaking the Konad stamping?!


  1. Ooh wicked, will keep an eye out for that!
    As for topcoat, I find it smudges a lot less if you are ever so light with the topcoat, and don't drag it as such, more like patting it on and then REALLY gently smoothing it over with the brush.
    OR you can buy the Konad special topcoat but I can't be arsed with that!

  2. these look amazing! do you wear fakes? if so what do you use? i used to do my own but they always were waaay too chunky! xx

  3. Ooo they look cool =] I will have to give konad a try one day x

  4. They look fabulous, I love seeing your nails, you have beautiful hands! xxx

  5. I'm gonna have to head to Primark!

  6. very impressed..what is konad? are they like stencils?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. These are awesome! :) Did it take you long to do? My nails are an actual state right now, defo need to give them some tlc over the christmas holidays when I'm off work! xx

  9. Your nails look great. BT can be soooo frustrating to deal with. Last year they gave my phone number to a new customer by mistake and cut me off. No phone or internet for weeks - grrr! Good luck with getting it all sorted. xx

  10. Vicky, we're with BT as well and they are CONSTANTLY giving us crap service. It's getting ridiculous really! As in every day we have a collapse of our internet (always just as I sit down to blog!) so I absolutely feel your pain! :)


Your comments make me smile :)

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