Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Birthday Goodies

Evening lovelies!
It is bloody miserable outside tonight! I have the day off tomorrow to go Christmas shopping with my sister, so fingers crossed for nicer weather!
I thought I would take the opportunity to show you the lovely goodies I received for my birthday a few weeks ago. You have already seen the fab boots the Mr got me in this post and I mentioned the Konad items I received in this post.

So here goes, in no particular order!
I am very excited to get sewing, though a little nervous too. I am hoping it will all come flooding back to me from my textile classes! Though maybe without the breaking of many sewing machine needles!

I have become slightly obsessed with Sophie Kinsella books!

My now holy grail concealer!! And cute bath set :)

GLEE! I have wanted a Gleek tshirt for ages so my sister made my day when she got me this one! She also got me a fab Miso ring and Miso earrings!
I hope you like this kind of post, I know I love having a little nose into fellow bloggers lives!


  1. Cool gifts, I have all 3 books you shown - Sophie Kinsella is a fab author and I have read them both - fab books.

  2. Ooh, I got my friend a Gleek necklace for Xmas - super cute!
    Good luck with the sewing. And you might want to hold onto that bath kit - I think Soap and Glory are opening a can of whoopass cos the stuff's really similar in design to theirs - this could become a recalled collectable! x

  3. I am loving the Gleek tshirt how cool is that.
    I have read twenties girl by Kinsella which I really enjoyed and have Can you keep a secret on my bedside table what I have been going at for months now i just never seem to be in the mood to read anymore :(

  4. Lucky you! Some lovely gifts.
    Can't wait to hear about the textiles classes.

    It was my birthday yesterday, love getting presents. :)

    (another one coming your way, post it Thurs for you!!)


  5. Ahhh you have a sewing machine! So jealous! i'm sure you will pick it up really quickly. I really need to try erase paste, i always heard good stuff about it! xx

  6. Oh, my favourite ever book - Eithne Farry is brilliant! And the JL sewing machine, jealous! Remember Me is a brilliant, brilliant book. You lucky thing =)

  7. Ooh sewing machine snap! (although mine is pistachio, not red) It's so cute though, I love mine!

    Fab presents :)

  8. I love that Eithne Farry book, you'll have such fun creating things with it. xxx

  9. Oh what lovely presents! I really need to start sewing, woop.

  10. Aw they are brilliant presents - I love all of the Sophie Kinsella books too! x

  11. Wow, lovely bright sewing machine - show us what you make :)

  12. Amazing gifts! i woud love t get into dewing aswell! xxx

  13. The sewing machine looks great, and I really want the Sophie Kinsella Mini Shopaholic book! I'm thinking Santa best be kind x

  14. The Sophie Kinsella books are such enjoyable reads. xx

  15. happy belated birthday lovely!!! and what amazing goodies. x

  16. Oh you lucky thing, and i'm sure it will all come flooding back

    Bright Green Laces

  17. What fab birthday treats. Hope you have fun playing around with your new sewing machine.

    I love, love, love Sophie Kinsella. I have read Can You Keep A Secret so many times and I still cry with laughter.


  18. A belated happy birthday!
    That's a wonderful bunch of goodies you got! Last year, I swear EVERYONE got my scarves & gloves (to be fair, my birthday is in January...and you know what THAT winter was like!).
    Your sewing machine has given me an idea of what to ask for my birthday this year! :D


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