Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Spring Garden Update

Evening Lovelies!

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend! A few people have said they would be interested in seeing a Spring garden post, see here it is!

Since getting my own house 18 months ago and being presented with a big patch of mud for a garden my interest in growing things has gone from non-existent to very green fingered!

I am still very much a 'stick it in the ground and hope for the best' kind of gardener, but it seems to be working! I don't really know the names of alot of things, so if you do know what any of the plants are in the photos please let me know!

Raised beds with tulips and a silver birch tree

Funny spiky tulips!
And fluffy edged ones!

Something that looks abit like a raspberry but isn't!?

Tulips and some other pretty things!

No idea what these are?!

My magnolia tree!!

I've got lots of veggie seeds growing in the greenhouse and a gazillion(ok like 30) sunflowers starting to grow(I am secretly hoping I will break a world record with how tall they will grow!


  1. Aw, it's looking gorgeous! xo

  2. Your mystery flowers are hyacinths. I feel quite grown up knowing that.

    It's so nice to cultivate your own garden, I'm a stick it in and see girl too.


  3. The tulips look pretty ace, I'm going to look completly clueless now and ask the question "are these just for outdoors?"


  4. So pretty! Absolutely love the tulips.

  5. Haha I have no flower-name knowledge either...my mum always tuts at me and gives me a disapproving glare when I can't refer to them by name. Cute blog :)

  6. I have tagged you in my blog post today.


  7. I love how gardens seem to come to life at this time of year :)
    great post!! x


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