Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lady Bug Says ... A 70's Summer!

Evening Ladies!

Hope you have all been making the most of today's sunshine! For me it was definitely the day for the flares, wedges and sunglasses to make an appearance!

I finally managed to get my hands on my perfect summer wedges thanks to the lovely people behind Matalan's twitter account :) They were able to find out that these amazing shoes would not be making an appearance in my local store and exchanged the voucher they had very generously supplied me with for an online voucher! They get a big thumbs up for amazing customer service and fab blogger interaction from me :)

Now apologies for the not so great photos, I think I must have left my camera on in my bag today as when I got home I managed to solely take these 3 photos before it promptly died. I think it may be on its way out as it seems to take forever to charge the battery to only half full :S

Wedges, Matalan £18, High Waisted Flared Jeans, Matalan £16, Top, Topshop via Charity Shop £2, Cardigan, Primark £5, Sunglasses, Gift from Mum :)

Outfit Total - £41

How pretty are they?! I love how they make me tall as well, think it scares the Mr me being nearly eye to eye with him!!

Would anybody be interested in a little spring garden update? As you can catch glimpses of in my photos the spring weather has made a lot of things start to bloom!


  1. Loving those wedges.If only the shoe ban wasn't on!

    The whole outfit looks fab, very 70s.

    X x

  2. Those wedges are amazing. Though I would have to wear wedges over a foot high to be able to look my Aussie in the eye!

  3. ooh well done on tracking down the wedges, i'm really likking matalan at the moment!

  4. YES to spring garden update! Those wedges are gorgeous xo

  5. These shoes are super cool. I'd love to see more of the garden. I'm not a gardener myself but I love seeing other people's. xx

  6. The wedges and flares are so fabulous! xx

  7. Love those wedges and I would love to read a spring garden update. Really glad I came across your blog.

  8. Those wedges are gorgeous! Well done Matalan.

    Your garden looks so pretty.



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