Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Braving It In White

Afternoon Ladies!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend! We have had our friends and their very young children around today, has definitely reinforced my belief that I don't want children for a good few years! They are so tiring!

I thought I would share with you an outfit from Friday. I bought this now seemingly infamous hummingbird print Primark dress around a month ago, and then it has proceeded to rain/be cold ever since. Not perfect weather for wearing a white summer dress! But on Friday the sun decided to shine, so the dress was getting an outing! I finished work early on Friday so decided to take a few photos in the garden when I got home :)

Dress, Primark £10, Shoes, F&F at Tesco £5

A simple and cheap outfit, just the way I like them :)


  1. Such a lovely dress, and amazing it's from Primark.
    Hope you have a lovely bank hol weekend.


  2. I daren't wear white, I am just too messy! You look gorgeous x

  3. Simple but very effective! It looks like a lovely fit x

  4. Your Friday looks a lot sunnier and warmer than ours was. Such a pretty outfit. xxx

  5. loving that dress - defiantely going to keep my eye out for it :)
    gorgeous outfit!! x

  6. Oh, it's lovely. Clearly I'm out of the shopping loop though as I haven't seen it around yet.

  7. Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!


Your comments make me smile :)

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