Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Introducing Dee-V

Evening Ladies!

Two blog posts in as many days! It's verging on a miracle, my laptop may be temporarily forgiven! The internet here is still painfully slow though ( I am pretty much convinced it is powered by hamster on a wheel, an old hamster too!)

I received an email from the PR people over at letting me know all about their new collaboration with Diana Vickers, creating the Dee-V range.

Now I was never much of a Diana fan whilst she was on the Xfactor, but I have always liked her carefree vintage style. And it is safe to say I am pretty much in love with all the items in the collection! I am a sucker for bird prints so the skirt is perfect for me! I was also impressed with the price points for the items, a little bit higher than I would normally spend(I am a Primark/charity shop girl after all!) but nothing that made me scream 'I would never pay that much for a skirt/playsuit!'

Bird Embroidered Skirt - £39

Wide Leg Jeans - £35

Dog Print Playsuit - £49

Contrast Collar Dress - £49

Midi Length Dress - £79

What do you think of celebrity's branching out into fashion?


  1. The Dog Print Playsuit is gorgeous! :)

  2. I've got no idea who she is - I'm so rubbish!

    The pieces are pretty but they don't look special enough to warrant those prices. In my humble opinion anyway!

  3. Cute items. Love the play suit.

    X x

  4. They're cute enough but they do seem a little overpriced. I wonder how much they up the price by when a celebrity name gets put on the label.

  5. I love the playsuit and the two dresses, but I do think they are pricey.

  6. I LOVE the lil' florals and the collection looks beautiful!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. hi! These are pretty, but nothing special? a bit like everything else in the high street shops. And i doubt she designs them..


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