Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Sewing My 1st Dress! Stage 1

Evening Ladies!

Hope everyone didn't find the 1st day back after the Bank Holiday too bad! It is only made slightly better by only having 4 instead of 5 sleeps until the weekend :)

Seeing as the weather was utterly rubbish on Monday I decided to make a start on a project I have been putting off for a while now! My Dad is getting married in 6 weeks time, and I decided months ago that I was going to make a dress for the occasion.

I already have 2 dresses that I love the shape and style of (they are also my back up dresses in case the one I make doesn't turn out right!) that I decided to use as a pattern for my own dress.

Ditsy Floral Dress, Matalan £15 & Large Floral Dress, French Connection(new with tags) via Charity Shop £8

I decided to (hopefully) use the top half from the Matalan dress and the waist band and swishy skirt from the French Connection dress. So yesterday I spent hours and hours (I seriously underestimated how long it would take!) making pattern pieces and eventually very nervously cutting out my Lucy Loves Fabric material!

Here are all my pieces cut out and laid out, hopefully it will look pretty similar once its finished! I am pretty scared about the next step of pining and sewing it all together :S Any one have any tips?!


  1. Wow get you. I so wish I could sew. Can't wait to see the finished dress.

    X x

  2. Ah I love the pattern of the fabric!!
    Can't wait to see the finished result, well done for going for it, I'd be far too nervous.


  3. Good luck with the next step! Just take it nice and slowly and remember that you can always unpick things if you go a bit wonky.

  4. I cannot wait to see your progress! x

  5. Good luck with your project! I'm sure your dress will be fab!


  6. Good luck with the next step! I bet you'll make that dress up beautifully, it already looks wonderful. xxx


Your comments make me smile :)

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