Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Sweet Polka Dots

Evening Lovelies!

How happy am I that the sun is back!? Very is the answer! And even happier that Mr Weatherman says its going to be sunny for the next week!

Last weekend I went shopping with my sister to help her pick a dress for my Dads wedding and also get her her first pair of heels! I think the last time she wore a dress she was probably about 7, and has never had a pair of heels so it was nice to help her pick things! She got a beautiful maxi dress from H&M(which I need to take up and put some straps on for her) and some cute coral low wedges and matching bag. Very proud of her for making such an effort :)

I decided to have a swift look in the charity shops whilst we were out and managed to find a couple of bargains, including this rather cute shirt! So I took the opportunity to make the most of the sunshine and bare my legs again!

Lace up heels, Primark, present from my sister, Shorts, Primark £10, Shirt, Charity Shop £3, Necklace, Little Jewellery Shop In France £12, Ring, H&M £2

Outfit total - £27

This necklace has to be one of my favourites, the only downside of it is that it is so damn noisy! Every time I move it sounds like someone is shaking maracas!

I attempted some cherry blossom style nails a few days ago, they are abit chipped now, but still pretty :)

Base - Barry M, Mint Green, Branches - Barry M, Mushroom, Flowers - Barry M, Racing Green and Models Own, Baby Blues.

Racing Green has become my favourite polish at the moment, it reminds me of spilt petrol!


  1. Great outfit. Love the pretty nails.

    X x

  2. Super cute shirt, and what a bargain price! I'm not having an enormous amount of luck with charity shop clothing at the moment. The two things in my last post are the only things I've found in months.

  3. Racing Green is one of my favourite colours too, but I'm a sucker for any colour of green nail polish, and that necklace is fantastic, it looks amazing. xxx

  4. You know it's summer when you start wearing that beautiful necklace, it's fab. That shirt's lovely, great quality piece. xxx

  5. You can't go wrong with polka dots! Your nails are really cute must have a very steady hand!x

  6. Lovely outfit, espesh the necklace : )



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