Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lady Bug Says ... Wedding Season Has Arrived!

Evening Lovelies!

The sun has been shining in Devon all weekend :) Happy happy! We had our first wedding of the summer on Saturday, love a good wedding and a chance to dress up!

It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, family, friends, hog roast & wine!

Dress, H&M via Ebay(NWT) £13, Bag, Primark £3, Shoes, Tesco £5

Outfit total - £21

The happy couple (plus a little baby bump :) )


  1. Every single blog post I've read today has talked about the glorious sunshine in the UK.. Now, I live in Devon too, & we have had NO sunshine all weekend! What is going on!? In fact, I lie.. At about 6 o'clock this evening it started to brighten up & I saw some blue sky. Other than that it's been GREY all weekend, & really weirdly foggy all day today.

    Sorry, needed a little rant. I thought it was unfair enough that everywhere in the UK except for Devon was sunny - but then I read this, that says it WAS lovely - so it must just be literally where I live?! Argh, I need some sunshine in my life!

    PS. You look lovely - & so does the happy couple :)

  2. Isn't that a lovely wedding dress? Really different.

  3. You look stunning :) gorgeous photo of you both!
    I have a wedding to go to next weekend, I'm so so excited- I love a good wedding.
    Thats my only one this year though, if I have 1 a year I'm happy!

  4. Of I love a good wedding.

    Your dress is lovely.

    X x

  5. Wow, the dress you bought is stunning! xo

  6. Great day for a wedding. I love the dress you're wearing and the bride and groom look so happy!

  7. Your dress is really pretty and you looked gorgeous! x

  8. you look so so gorgeous Vicky! What perfect weather for a wedding xxx


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