Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Fading Away

Another sunny weekend outfit, I am really hoping that there are a few more of these before Autumn arrives!

I am pretty much all aboard the trend wagon with this outfit, but I like it :)
Cuff style necklace - check
Ombre jumper - check
Utility trend shorts - check
Flatform sandals - oh yes, check!

The unhappy squinty face is all off trend and completely my own, the downside of the very bright sun!

Gold necklace, New Look £3
Ombre jumper, Primark £8
Khaki shorts, Primark £7
Flatform sandals, New Look £12

Outfit total £30


  1. I love your jumper! I tried a similiar one in Zara and it looked awful on me (I try so hard to be a trendy fashion blogger! ;) )
    You look fab (even with squinty face!)

  2. LOVE that jumper!
    Have a fab weekend hun, hope the sun shines for you x

  3. Really love that jumper, its great! And what a bargain too!

    Have a lovely weekend hun!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  4. Wow that ombre jumper is very nice! Looks lovely on you. Great outfit :))

    Lots of love,

    Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

  5. Great jumper! Love the tie-dye <3 xx


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