Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lady Bug Says ... New Years Resolutions 2012

Afternoon lovelies. Hope you are all having a nice weekend so far!

I am one of those cliche people that make up (and largely don't stick to) New Years resolutions every year and this year will be no different. I think its nice to have realistic things to aim for!

Last year I set myself the following resolutions, this is how I got on with them!
Get Fit - Well I did do a fair bit of cycling and attended zumba classes for 3-4 months. Once my body decides to behave itself I hope to get back into a routine and exercise more.

Take part in a charity sporting event - Unfortunately not :( I did make a fair few charitable donations last year though so pleased I still contributed in some way.

Become more organised - My filofax got used alot! I seemed to slip with being organised when it came to blogging though, another thing I hope to improve on this year.

Get a proper skincare routine - Ummmm, not quite! Though I did get the Liz Earle cleanse and polish kit for Christmas so hopefully that will kick start me in the right direction!

Sort out my wardrobe - Yes! I had a much needed clear out and 3 massive bin bags full of clothes went off to the local charity shops and I have a big box of items to photograph and list on Ebay.

Worry/stress less - Well this hasn't been the greatest year for me worry wise! I think having bad health that I can't seem to control has made it a lot worse. But I am determined to work on this is 2012

This year I am going to TRY to do the following!

Eat my 5 a day! - I eat fairly well and do like fruit and veg, but realistically only get maybe 3 of my 5 a day. So lots more healthier snacks at work for me!

Worry less/ more positive thinking - I failed on trying to overcome this last year and really want to work on it this year. I need to stop thinking of the worse case scenario and start being more positive!

Read at least 1 book a month - I used to be a complete book worm, but recently I don't seem to have time for reading. I received a Kindle for my birthday back in October and still haven't finished the 1st book I downloaded on it!

Take a photography course and learn how to use my camera properly - I have had my new camera for a while but still haven't really ventured away from the auto settings! Seems such a waste to have all those extra functions and no idea how to use them!

We will see this time next year how I got on!


  1. Well good luck with all of your resolutions.

    X x

  2. these resolutions are rather good, why didn't I think of 5 a day?! Hope you find these a breeze to complete x

    1. 5 a day is one that I always mean to do but never really quite manage, fingers crossed I have better luck this year! x

  3. The photography course sounds fun - keep a beady eye on groupon & you might get a wee bargain! :) Good luck with your resolutions! Xo

    1. Ooo hadn't thought about checking on Groupon! Will be keeping my eyes peeled! x

  4. The photography course sounds like a fun one! I'd keep a beady eye on groupon to see if there are any discounted courses going! Good luck with the resolutions! Xo


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