Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Checkered Girl

Is it a sign that you have too many clothes when you forget you own things! Well this dress had fallen into that forgotten category, and I'm not to sure why as I really do love it!

I find that I can never truly love an item unless it is a bargain/on sale. And with this dress coming in at £10 I think that counts as a bargain!
Now I have rediscovered it I can imagine wearing it bare legged(when the weather gets a bit warmer) with shoe boots.

Blue long sleeved top, Primark £4, Checkered dress, Bershka £10, Grey cardigan, H&M £15, Grey pinstripe tights, Primark £2, Boots, New Look £30, Necklace, Giveaway win
Outfit total - £61


  1. I always do that! Especially if its something at the bottom of the wash basket! :s

    Lovely dress, and what a bargain! Will be great for summer. x

  2. It is a great feeling to discover something lost! It's a great dress.


  3. Love rediscovering clothes, actually just rediscovering anything. The dress is very pretty on and will be lovely in summer. x

  4. HA i am the same...i forgot i had certain clothes until i did a charity shop clear out :)
    And i was like 'oooo i love that!!!'
    Thanks for the comment xox

  5. Always forgetting things I own, usually shoes and sometimes only remember when I come across another pair on eBay lol

  6. There's nothing better than rediscovering clothes, especially when they're as pretty as that dress!

  7. Oh I am forever forgetting I own things...though on a plus side, it's great to re-discover something you've forgotten about for a long time, like shopping for free!

  8. I always forget about things hiding in the back of my cavernous wardrobe! Lovely little dress you have there.

  9. I tend to always forget clothes that I have hidden deep inside my closet. I just discovered a top earlier on this week and I started to love it again! haha

  10. nice outfit girl!

  11. That's absolutely lovely - I have a real soft spot for checks!


Your comments make me smile :)

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