Monday, 15 March 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Damn Powercuts!

Have been trying to update my blog and bake yummy treats for the past 2 hours but we keep getting power cuts :(
So I'm going to make this short and sweet in case the lovely electric people decide to plunge us into darkness again!

Black leggings, H&M £7, Grey boots, Primark £10, Black long sleeved top, Primark £4, Pink jumper dress, H&M £8, Scarf, Charity Shop £1

Outfit total - £30

Will be back with a better post tomorrow, promise!!


  1. this may sound odd, so forgive me, but you are so graceful! Your posture is lovely in all your photos and you look so elegant :) Am jealous hehe. I love the pink of that jumper! x

  2. Those boots are do you get primark footwear to look so good, I always find it looks naff when I try anything on in the shop but you always make them look great xxx

  3. Those boots are great! love the pink and grey together.

    X x

  4. I love pink and grey, and your scarf is the perfect touch.

  5. I so agree with Eleanor! You are super graceful, unlike me! Love the pink of your cardigan against your dark hair.


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