Friday, 29 October 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Drop Waist Beauty!

Evening Ladies!
I have abit of a migraine tonight so just a quick post before I attempt to get an early night.
I'm pretty pleased with my outfit today, not so impressed with the fact that I got up so late this morning that I forgot to put any jewellery on and only had time to take one photo!
This dress is one of my buys from Clarks Village last weekend, I have been wanting a sheer dress/top for a while. I was a little hesitant of the drop waist, I was expecting it to be pretty unflattering on my child bearing hips(thanks Mum for that gene!) But after trying it on(in the middle of the shop, thank you Next Clearance for providing NO changing rooms!) I was sold. Especially with the reduced from £30 to £15 price tag! The boys at work said I looked like I was wearing a nightdress, but what do a bunch of middle aged joiners know!

Tights, Primark £1, Black Vest Top, H&M £4, Sheer Dress, Next Clearance £15

I was pretty impressed when the Mr got me these boots for my birthday! I had a pretty big grin on my face when I unwrapped them!

Outfit total - £20


  1. Lovely outfit - especially the boots! x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous top! I love Next Clearence but hate the lack of changing rooms! I go every boxing's total carnage! xxx

  3. Yes he did do well! Those boots are amazing! are they comfy?

    Drop waist looks great on you, I love rather rounded wearing them so I'm a tad jealous. :)


  4. A nightdress? Trust a bloke to come up with that description. Beautiful outfit and fabulous boots. xxx

  5. Oh wow, your Mr has fabulous taste! those boots are incredible,

    and I really love that dress on you :)

  6. Pfft, what do men know? I think it looks fab on you!

    You've got the Mr well trained - what an excellent choice of pressie!

  7. Gorgeous boots. Hope you're feeling lots better now. xx

  8. Lol - typical men, eh? they just dont understand fashion :)

    Absolutely love this outfit cos it's the perfect mix of interesting, chunky and girly thanks to the boots and dress. Such a bargain too! I never get anything decent in the sales :(

  9. That dress is stunning, and the boots are so gorgeous! A very well trained Mr by the sounds of it x


Your comments make me smile :)

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