Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Floral Love

Florals has to be one of my favourite trends at the moment. Love how it instantly adds femininity to an outfit :)

Gladiator Sandals, Primark £4, Jeggings, Tesco £6, Black vest, H&M £4, Floral Vest, Primark £2.50, Red Cardigan, Primark £8, Wooden Necklace, Primark £2
Outfit Total - £26.50

Heeled sandals, Tesco £5, Floral Dress, Primark £7.50, Grey Blazer, H&M £5, Necklace, Primark £2

Outfit Total - £19.50

Are you embracing florals this Spring/Summer?


  1. Oh, I have the £4 galdiators from Primark. I love them so much I think I might try and get a second pair!
    Florals are my favourite trend too and they look so pretty on you.
    Vicki xxx

  2. I am completely embracing them, as can be seen in my last blog post. I am quite fussy about patterns and colours that I do and don't like but luckily there's so much lovely stuff around at the moment that there's never a shortage of things to choose from.

    You look really lovely in the dress - such a pretty patterned fabric and the shape is great on you.

  3. Florals are creeping their way into my wardrobe! Slowly but surely. Love them.
    Your hair is looking fab.

    X x

    I've moved.

  4. oo, love so much this trend!! *_*

  5. Florals seem to be the only thing I'm buying these days!

    Love that dress! x

  6. More than I have before - I'm not really a florals kind of person, but I'm really making an effort this time!

  7. wow loving the floral! im wearing a floral top today xxxxxx

  8. Yay floral, are your Primark buys recent? I'm heading there Saturday and love the floral dress!

  9. absolutely loving floral prints at the moment!! it;s all i seem to be buying at the moment as well, and i'm liking clashing them with stripes or other prints.

  10. Florals are my favourites! I just adore them and think they add a hint of class and sophistication to any outfit. As you so wonderfully demonstrate!


Your comments make me smile :)

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