Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Daisy Dog!

Everyone, meet Daisy!

This little fluff ball has been home for less than 24 hours but she already has us well and truly wrapped around her little waggy tail!

She has a bit of a thing for feet.

Enjoys a good nap.

And chewing on her toys.

If you overlook the using the kitchen floor as a toilet and nibbling on anything and everything she is pretty much perfect!

I will apologise now for my Instagram turning into Puppygram!


  1. Awwh! She is just too cute! xx

  2. She's like an Andrex puppy before they became computer-generated! x x

  3. oh what a cutie! You'll have your hands full with that one x

  4. She's absolutely gorgeous! x

  5. Daisy is such a beautiful pup, can't wait to see her grow up. As you are well aware I LOVE dogs, so it's fine by me to bombard us with pics. :)

  6. Awww she's so cute! I miss my boy being a puppy when he could get on my knee - lthough he still thinks he can! She will literally become like you're child - or maybe that's just me! lol

    Jenni xx


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