Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lady Bug Says ... The Brightest Dress In The World?

Evening lovelies!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am :) The only problem I am having is dressing for the hot weather outside, but then also being covered up enough the brave my freezing cold air conditioned office. 

This dress is super cool, but super bright! I purchased it off Ebay believing it was a bright pink, which it kind of looks in these photos. In real life it is neon pink/orange, but I kind of love it, plus it only cost £2.50 :)

Daisy wanted you get in on the outfit photo action, she has grown so much in a week!

Studded sandals, Next £6
Neon dress, H&M via Ebay £2.50
Plaited belt, Primark £1
Gold necklace, New Look £3

Outfit total £12.50


  1. That dress looks AMAZING on you. SO amazing!

  2. Such a bargain, it looks great!


  3. It's so so pretty! I adore the colour, with your tan it looks amazing xo

  4. Daisy is so cute! And what an amazing bargain that dress was!

    Karys x

  5. Firstly, your dog is the most adorable thing ever!!
    And major love for this dress. The bright colour suits you so well, and I love how good it looks both loose and tied with a belt.

  6. Your dog is so super cute, as is this outfit! That dress is so cool I love the colour makes me smile. x

  7. You look super pretty, i love the colour of your dress! So bright and summery :-)


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