Friday, 27 July 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Olympic Ready!

Evening all!

Are you all ready for the Olympics? I am not a big fan in general but hope that everyone who wants to enjoy it does!

I was gifted this scarf by Next a little while a go when I went to their store opening and have worn it a fair bit since, but unfortunately my broken camera stopped me documenting it! Now my camera is fixed I can finally show it to you!

This outfit is pretty similar to what I wore to watch the Olympic torch pass through my city, just with flat shoes!

Black flatform heels, H&M £20
Cream dress, H&M via Ebay £7
Red Blazer, Forever 21 £19
Olympic scarf, courtesy of Next
Gold necklace, Accessorize £1

Outfit total £47


  1. Looking suitably patrotic ;)

  2. Great outfit - love the patriotic element :)

  3. I love your outfit - the red and white is so elegant, yet patriotic! I didn't think I would be that into the Olympics yet now they are here I am so excited about them!


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