Friday, 10 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... My Glossybox Favourites

We are going a little beauty this week, partly because the day I had set aside for outfit photos it rained solidly for 8 hours so that didn't happen, but also because I do love make up and beauty products and I don't really talk about it a whole lot!

I have been signed up to Glossybox for around 9 months now but haven't posted about them until now as I think the Glossybox review market is pretty well covered! But I wanted to share the products that have been my absolute favourites that I have received, loved using a would either consider or have repurchased.

I think this is most probably meant for slightly maturer skin, but I still really like using it. I have been using it under my make up as a moisturiser/primer and it makes my skin a lot smoother and even. I'm not to sure if I would repurchase it as it is on the pricier side, all depends if something the works as well that is a bit cheaper makes its way onto my radar!

Super sparkly nail polish in a brilliant dark fuscia pink, what is not to like, well apart from the time it takes to remove! Luckily it wears fairly well so you get a good 4-5 days before you need to take it off and replace. They are again fairly pricey, but I will definitely will be adding some more of these to my next birthday wish list!

This smells AMAZING! Before using this I would never of even thought about spending £6.50 on a shower gel but this changed my mind, I repurchased this before my first one had even run out. It smells good, lathers up really well and leaves your skin super soft.

This is a little wonder product, I use it a lot on the dry patches on my face and it helped clear them up pretty quickly. I tried to repurchase this whilst I was in France but couldn't find it, but think I will definitely be hunting it down online!

I honestly wasn't expecting to like this as I am not a fan of coconut, but combined with jasmine it actually has a pretty great scent, it reminds me of summer in a bottle. It is all you could want in a shower gel and you get a good amount of product for your money. 

As soon as I saw this I loved the cute vintage style packaging and the balm inside is pretty good too! I have been putting this on my lips before I go to sleep and it has been doing wonders for my lips whilst I have been getting my 40 winks!

These are hands down the best tweezers I have ever used and I am so glad to have got them in my box as they aren't something I would have gone out and purchased otherwise. They make me realise how blunt the tweezers I was previously using really were!

This is a really pretty scent and a great size for travelling or on a night out. The only downside is that tube is made of pretty thin glass and I would be slightly concerned about it smashing in my bag! Considering you only pay £12.95 for the beauty box receiving this full sized perfume is pretty good value for money!

I was really happy to get this in my box, especially after seeing loads of people getting it in a box last year and raving about it! The only thing I am disappointed about is despite filing in the beauty profile on the Glossybox site and stating that I am a brunette I received this palette in 'Bombshell' which has 3 light shades meant for blonde's and 1 darker shade which just about matches my brows. I would have loved this if it had been in the correct shade, but I am hoping I can make use of it!

I already had a few of these Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting's so knew I would like this, it is a pretty pink colour with a lovely sweet scent. I love Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics and their cute quirky packaging :)

Overall I find Glossybox can be a bit hit and miss, some months I find most of the items are nice but not necessarily for me, whereas others I love the majority of the box, but I guess it is all down to personal taste.

Are you signed up to a beauty box subscription service? What is your all time favourite product that you have received?

I have not been asked or paid by Glossybox to write this review, I just wanted to give my thoughts on the products that I have received and liked!

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