Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lady Bug Says ... Bare Legs In April!

The sun is still shining! It's verging on being a miracle!
I thought I would celebrate and make the most of this rarity by braving the world without the comfort of tights or leggings! My legs could do with a bit of a tan, but apart from a few doses of goosebumps I wasn't too cold :)
I knew that the perfect companion for my bare legged look would be this new nautical skirt, bought from the lovely Ayden's recent blog sale.
Black vest, H&M £4, Grey cardigan, H&M £15, Nautical Skirt, Blog sale £5, Sandals, Tesco £5, Necklace, Primark £2
Outfit Total - £31

Thought I would try out a hairband style braid, think it has worked out quite well considering my severe lack of plaiting abilities!

Have any of you braved bare legs yet?


  1. I'd brave bare legs throughout winter if I had your pins!! :)


  2. Very brave of you!
    I am still in leggings & tights mode - although I did feel silly in tights the other day, as it was SO hot.
    I will be wearing leggings throughout the entire Summer though - my legs don't get bared often (more for the sake of everyone else!)


  3. You have great legs, so you should definitely be showing them off!

    Love that skirt on you. x

  4. You're lucky to be blessed with long, slim pins. I'll be in leggings for a bit yet up here in chilly Scottieland! x

  5. Gosh you look amazing. If I had those legs I'd want to bare them all the time. x

  6. Aww the skirt suits ya so much missus :) glad it went to a good home! Ive not braved the bare legs yet but I hope the weather lets me soon xx

  7. your hair looks lovely :D Cute outfit, but I won't be braving the bare legs for a very very long time.

  8. Brave with bare legs!! :) Great outfit, love that skirt.
    And the hair looks fab.
    X x

  9. Ohh it has to be a heatwave for me to do barelegs, and even then I prefer sheer tights!

  10. You look gorgeous, lovely outfit & ur hair & face are stunning :)
    I'm yet to do bare legs, Ive needed leggings in aswell- Im rather a cold person though, so has been too chilly for me

  11. With legs as fabulous as yours, you gotta go bare!

  12. With legs as fabulous as yours, you owe it to the rest of us to keep them bare, no matter what the weather :-)


Your comments make me smile :)

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